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Digital denial


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Stop living in a digital denial - Non-acceptance of digital transformation is still a rampant phenomenon

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Digital denial

  1. 1. Stop living in Digital Denial Non-acceptance of digital transformation is still a rampant phenomenon KAZI MONIRUL KABIR Marketer - Innovation Strategist Digital Transformation Evangelist – Entrepreneur @monirul
  2. 2. ‘Going digital is the only way forward,’ tech gurus often say. And this is not just an inspirational tech rhetoric! It is a warning for the companies or executives that are not heeding this advice and living in ‘digital denial’. For every tech visionary leader that understands the need to go digital, there are 10 naysayers that are still living in total denial about the looming technology shift in the world.
  3. 3. Survey on ‘Digital Denial’ • In May 2016, Progress, a digital solutions provider firm, conducted an interesting survey on whether Businesses are Really Digitally Transforming or Living in Digital Denial. • This was a global survey of more than 700 digital decision makers and was conducted by Loud house, the specialist research division of Octopus Group, in conjunction with Progress.
  4. 4. The Findings • Of those surveyed, 96 per cent of organizations saw digital transformation as critical, yet 48 per cent of those said that it was not a top priority. • Resistance to change and denial happens when a shift seems unwanted in a person’s limited perspective.
  5. 5. The reasons:The Progress survey lists the main reasons for ‘denial’: • Many organizations are worried might have lost to their peers who have already pioneered in the digital field. • Some believe they have one or two years at best to bring about digital transformation before they suffer financially and competitively. • The digital strategy for the organization is not defined very well and therefore there is hesitation about transforming their organizations. • IT dept. and marketing departments are not properly aligned for the digital initiatives. Usually the digital shift is more likely to be driven by the IT department than marketing side and this is a faulty mindset. • Digital is seen as proxy for website content, e- commerce, social media, mobile and email marketing. Very few firms view themselves as effective in managing and utilizing digital content and channels.
  6. 6. Go ‘digital’ before it’s too late! Company decision makers and leaders must objectively identify and dissect the internal employee resistance for what it is. Most often, doubt, denial and resistance are typical human reactions to any change, as people fear stepping out of their comfort zone.
  7. 7. The Digital Shift is not an option, any more Agreed, we should consider all aspects of any change before we adopt it. But the different factor at play here is that digital transformation is not an ‘optional’ but an ‘unavoidable’ change.
  8. 8. NOW is the right time to embrace Digitization! • Welcome digitization with open arms as a leader and let every naysayer know that the decision to shift is totally non-negotiable. • Once the employees are past the initial reluctant adjustment phase, they’ll begin to actually love the learning that comes with this ‘change’.
  9. 9. THANK YOU