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Traffic Boosting Twitter Tactics - SMX Social Media


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My SMX Social Media presentation about traffic boosting Twitter tactics. Includes TONS of tools and quality social media examples.

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Traffic Boosting Twitter Tactics - SMX Social Media

  1. Traffic Boosting Twitter Tactics Presented by Monique Pouget | December 5th, 2012
  2. First Off, Who Am I? Monique Pouget Director of Content Marketing Twitter @MoniqueTheGeek LinkedIn Google+ Read My Posts Thunder @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  3. USE A TWITTERMANAGEMENTSERVICEJuggling is difficult. @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  4. Twitter Management Tools – Hootsuite#Hashtags Website Topic and Location Mentions Brand Names @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  5. Twitter Management Tools – TweetDeckFavorites Relationships Mentions Links Name Variations @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  6. Twitter Management Tools – So Many Options!COTWEET SPROUT SOCIAL @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  7. GO BEYOND TWEETS WITH @MENTIONS News flash: Twitter handles are @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  8. Smarter Twitter Monitoring – @ Optional ALL THE TWEETS, NO @MENTIONS @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  9. Smarter Twitter Monitoring – More Tools!TOPSY BACKTWEETS HOOTSUITE @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  10. FIND THE BESTPEOPLE TOFOLLOW ANDENGAGE WITHSo many Twitter profiles, so little time. @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  11. Social Listening – Find the People TweetingTOPSY TWAZZUP SOCIAL MENTION @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  12. Social Listening – Identify Influencers in Your SpaceTWEEPZ TWIANGULATE GOOGLE @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  13. Social Listening – Dig a Little Deeper TWTRLAND @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  14. Social Listening – Find Mutual RelationshipsFRIEND OR FOLLOW TWIANGULATE @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  15. USE SHORTENEDLINKS WITH UTMPARAMETERSTrack what’s working. @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  16. Better Tracking – Discover What Works MENTAL NOTE @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  17. Better Tracking – Build URL UTMs Quickly @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  18. Better Tracking – Analyze Results @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  19. PARTICIPATE IN TWITTER CHATS There’s a chat for @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  20. Twitter Chats – Endless OptionsMORE ONTHAT LATER! @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  21. CREATE AND FOLLOW TWITTER LISTS Sort through the @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  22. Twitter Lists – Divide and ConquerBrewery & Bar EmployeesTweets About:•Questions aboutlarge scalebrewing systems•Visiting otherlocal breweries•Beers on deck•Collaborations @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  23. Twitter Lists – Private and PublicPUBLIC PRIVAT E @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  24. TWEET AT THERIGHT TIME OFDAYMake educated decisions about your audience. @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  25. Smarter Tweeting – Think About Your Audience FOLLOWER WONK @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  26. Smarter Tweeting – When Do They Tweet? TWERIOD BUFFER APP @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  27. COLLECT YOUR TWEETS AND SAVE THEM FOR LATER Tell a story with your @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  28. Collect Your Tweets – Save Them for Later @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  29. MONITOR YOURTWITTER GROWTHOVER TIMEIn order to grow, you’ve been. track where @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  30. Measure Incremental Growth – Practice Patience @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  31. BE REAL Provide @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  32. Humanize Your Brand – Reap the Rewards @MoniqueTheGeek #smx
  33. Thank You – Let’s Connect @MoniqueTheGeek @MoniqueTheGeek #smx