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SMX Advanced Recap: Hardcore Social Tactics


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Monique Pouget's SMX Advanced presentation, which includes information about using Pinterest for creating link building personas, turning Twitter prospects into followers, and taking advantage of Facebook's search-friendly features, like Timeline for Pages and Open Graph integration.

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SMX Advanced Recap: Hardcore Social Tactics

  1. 1. Hardcore Social TacticsPresented by Monique Pouget | June 5, 2012 @MoniqueTheGeek
  2. 2. First Off, Who Am I?Name: Monique Pouget Twitter: @MoniqueTheGeekTitle: Director of Content LinkedIn: Read My Posts: BlogCompany: Thunder SEO @MoniqueTheGeek
  3. 3. Pinterest@MoniqueTheGeek
  4. 4. PinterestWhat’s being Pinned from my (or a competitor’s) website? @MoniqueTheGeek
  5. 5. Pinterest@MoniqueTheGeek
  6. 6. Pinterest Tools | PinReach @MoniqueTheGeek
  7. 7. Pinterest Tools | Pinpuff Ecom= Pin with landing page to a sales page; e.g. Amazon, etsy Gen= Pin with non-sales landing page; e.g. branding, quote CPC= Referral traffic from pin @MoniqueTheGeek
  8. 8. Pinterest | Sleuthing What types of What’s the What does What are their things will value add ourthis person turn-ons and they respond pitch offerscare about? turn-offs? to? them @MoniqueTheGeek
  9. 9. Pinterest | Sleuthing @MoniqueTheGeek
  10. 10. Pinterest | Sleuthing @MoniqueTheGeek
  11. 11. Pinterest | Sleuthing @MoniqueTheGeek
  12. 12. Pinterest Tools | Wordle & twtrland @MoniqueTheGeek
  13. 13. Pinterest | Create Personas Photos Descriptions Content Examples @MoniqueTheGeek
  14. 14. @MoniqueTheGeek
  15. 15. Twitter@MoniqueTheGeek
  16. 16. Converting Twitter Prospects Into Followers Identify Discover Follow Divide & Up Conquer @MoniqueTheGeek
  17. 17. Twitter Tools | Hoosaid & Follower WonkIDENTIFY Influencers by searching Twitter bios for industry topics, keywords… @MoniqueTheGeek
  18. 18. Twitter Tools | Amplicate, Topsy & Social Mention …and trends. @MoniqueTheGeek
  19. 19. Twitter Tools | Advanced Search OperatorsUse Advanced Search Operators to restrict results to relevant topics & sentiments. @MoniqueTheGeek
  20. 20. Twitter Tools | twtrland & Twitalyzer Analyze Twitter profiles to DISCOVER links shared, Retweets… @MoniqueTheGeek
  21. 21. Twitter Tools | Friend or Follow …and relationships. @MoniqueTheGeek
  22. 22. Twitter Tools | Twitter ListsSeparate your Twitter prospects into lists so you can DIVIDE & CONQUER. Brewery & Bar Homebrewers Craft Beer Employees Drinkers Tweets About: Tweets About: Tweets About: • Questions • New recipe • Extremely rare about large experiments beer with scale brewing • Local complicated systems homebrew name • Visiting other meet-ups, • Latest award- local breweries events & winning IPA • Beers on deck contests • Beer festivals • Collaborations • Hops and pairings @MoniqueTheGeek
  23. 23. Converting Twitter Prospects Into FollowersBefore following a prospect, tweet relevant things that might pique their interest. Hello HOMEBREWERS @MoniqueTheGeek
  24. 24. Converting Twitter Prospects Into Followers FOLLOW UP with Twitter prospects that don’t convert after first touch. Hello HOMEBREWERS @MoniqueTheGeek
  25. 25. Converting Twitter Prospects Into Followers @MoniqueTheGeek
  26. 26. Twitter Monitoring | Hootsuite#Hashtags Website Topic and Location Mentions Brand Names @MoniqueTheGeek
  27. 27. Facebook@MoniqueTheGeek
  28. 28. Facebook@MoniqueTheGeek
  29. 29. Facebook | Open Graph @MoniqueTheGeek
  30. 30. Facebook | Open Graph THIS. @MoniqueTheGeek
  31. 31. Facebook Tools | Simply Measured Compare up to 5 Pages and get engagement stats you can’t find in Insights. @MoniqueTheGeek
  32. 32. Thank You! @MoniqueTheGeek