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From Brand to Entity: Staying Ahead of the (Search Engine) Curve


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In September 2013, I gave a presentation about SEO, social and content trends related to entity search to the US Marines as part of their PR training! There's lots of intro info on Knowledge Graph and structured data, content that WOWs and evolving devices.

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From Brand to Entity: Staying Ahead of the (Search Engine) Curve

  1. 1. From  Brand     To  En,ty Staying Ahead of the (Search Engine) Curve Presented by Monique Pouget | September 20, 2013 Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  2. 2. FIRST  OFF    –    Who  am  I?     Monique Pouget Director of Content Strategy @moniquethegeek Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  3. 3. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  4. 4. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  5. 5. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  7. 7. STRUCTURED   DATA Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  8. 8. NOT  TOO   LONG   AGO…   ADWORDS   ORGANIC   RANKINGS Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  9. 9. Authorship     markup  is  the  method  to  display   authorship  informa?on  in  search   results  for  the  content  you  create. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  10. 10. rel=author Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  11. 11. GOOGLE  AUTHORSHIP   Search results tied to Google+ Profile. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  12. 12. GOOGLE  AUTHORSHIP   Authorship in action. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  13. 13. GOOGLE  AUTHORSHIP Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  14. 14. The  Google     Knowledge  Graph     is  a  system  that  Google  launched  in  May   2012  that  understands  facts  about  people,   places  and  things  and  how  these     en,,es     are  all  connected. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  15. 15. Knowledge  Graph  is  used  both     behind-­‐the-­‐scenes    to  help  Google  improve  its  search   relevancy  and  also  to  present   Knowledge  Graph   boxes   in  search  results  that  provide  direct   answers. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  16. 16. KNOWLEDGE  GRAPH Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  17. 17. KNOWLEDGE  GRAPH  -­‐  Carousel   Carousel Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  18. 18. KNOWLEDGE  GRAPH  -­‐  Carousel Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  19. 19. Google already knows you’re an entity. Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  20. 20. OLD  VS.  NEW   VIA Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  21. 21. MORE  RESOURCES   101  Google  Answer  Boxes:     A  Journey  into  the  Knowledge  Graph   Introducing  the  Knowledge  Graph:     things,  not  strings   Google  Launches  Knowledge  Graph     To  Provide  Answers,  Not  Just  Links Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  22. 22. CONTENT     THAT     WOWs 2 Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  23. 23. GOOGLE  ALGOS  –    Panda  and  Penguin   • Rolled out in 2011 • Panda targeted lowquality sites with thin and duplicate content • Penguin decreased rankings for sites violating Google Quality Guidelines Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  24. 24. Interes,ng  Content  –    Truckpocalypse Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  25. 25. Touching  Content  –    SeaRle  Children’s  Hospital Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  26. 26. Useful  Content  –    Bugaboo  Day  Trips Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  27. 27. Mul,faceted  Content  –    Barbie  Study Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  28. 28. 3 EVOLVING   DEVICES Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  29. 29. The  Future  is… Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  30. 30. VIA Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  31. 31. VIA Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  32. 32. Mobile  –    Doesn’t  Always  Mean  Mobile   VIA Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  33. 33. Mobile  Content  –    “Life-­‐Saving  Impera?ve” Follow @MoniqueTheGeek
  34. 34. Q  &  A @moniquethegeek MONIQUE POUGET Director of Content Strategy Follow @MoniqueTheGeek