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Talk for AACS 2014


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Talk for AACS 2014

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Talk for AACS 2014

  1. 1. Welcome… Social Media Mini Boot Camp #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey GROWTH TIPLook for these in today’s talk…
  2. 2. Meet Monique… Founder and Social Media Horticulturalist ~ Cosmetic Social Media Over 20 years experience: aesthetic medical practice management, marketing, training, and consulting Certified Relationship Marketing and Social Media Strategist (2009) • Winner 2013 PRSA Bronze Bernays Award for Best Social Media in San Diego for work with San Diego Crew Classic • Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business • Alert Press Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages • Named on of 17 Top Facebook Pages for Small Business, 2012 (Fluxe Digital) ♥music, ♥USC, ♥sports, ♥spa days, ♥shoes ♥driving fast ♥creative endeavors!
  3. 3. Social Buzz… 12 Things You Need To Do In 2014 For Social Media Success* *Relationship Marketing
  4. 4. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  5. 5. # 1 • 4th largest traffic driver worldwide • More affluent & they spend more $$$ • Shopping & discovery frame of mind • More than 70% use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to BUY (vs. 17% of FB) • Over 80% of all pins are RE-pins = viral = long life! Sources: Melanie Duncan,, Social Media Examiner
  6. 6. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey # 1 DO – 1/30 Rule DON’T GROWTH TIP Pinterest – Create Boards for auto-pinning / IV drip method ;)
  7. 7. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey # 2 Google Hangouts • Hangouts – Up to 10 people on Google+
  8. 8. # 3 YouTube • Great way to build your video library on YouTube! • Add description and key words • Share across all social media platforms • Transcribe content and put on blog all searchable!
  9. 9. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey # 4 FB Live Stream • Live simulcast on your Facebook page via 22SocialApp
  10. 10. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey # 5 Podcasts AKA. “Netcast” & “Talk” • Podcasts are portable = personal • Positions you as the expert • Take it everywhere – in the car, on the treadmill, etc. • iTunes, or apps such as SoundCloud, Spreaker, Stitcher • Female listenership is on the rise • No skimming allowed! • Only 3% of marketers are currently using podcasting in their social media marketing strategy = early adopter! • Doesn’t take a big budget to get started GROWTH TIP Cliff Ravenscraft Sources: and Cliff Ravenscraft lecture
  11. 11. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey #6 Video Mobilized material – 90% of Americans own a mobile device. “Video advertising is turning into a huge 2014 social media marketing trend, as it rightfully should.” – Social Media Today Facebook has added video to the Newsfeed and testing video ads GROWTH TIP Just Shoot Yourself Comprehensive package for high quality do it yourself videos
  12. 12. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey #6 FB Apps GROWTH TIP
  13. 13. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey #7 Instagram
  14. 14. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey #8 Tweetups • Pick a unique hashtag • Let people know about your event – 1 hour suggested time • Enlist some mommy- bloggers • Use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or TweetChat to make it easier to chat during the event • Have a friend help you out
  15. 15. #AACS30 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey #9 Existing Content Blog post video
  16. 16. Click “public” to make this box appear It re-calculates reach as you change budget Set run time # 10 FB Promoted Posts (Reach More Fans) GROWTH TIP: Promoted Posts
  17. 17. Notice baseline Engagement Rate Calculation: (MANUAL!) talking about / total “likes” 2% is average so anything over this is AWESOME 70% Engagement Rate #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  18. 18. #11 Reading List Books: • Brian Solis: What’s the Future of Business • Jay Baer: Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype • Guy Kawasaki: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions #CAVS Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  19. 19. #12 Bloom Booster Academy
  20. 20. Questions? Monique Ramsey Toll Free Direct Dial 877-401-5485 Email: