Social Media in 2012 - Setting Yourself Up for Success


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Presented at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2012 on June 6, 2012

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  • “Unfortunately in new media, we tend to put technology ahead of people. Think about your current social media, mobile, or web strategy for a moment. Do you even know who you’re trying to reach? Do you know what customers or stakeholders expect or the challenges they face? Are you familiar with how they connect and communicate and why? Lastly, do you understand the journey they take to make decisions?” –Brian Solis
  • “This is intriguing because we have 77 percent of organizations who say they know what their Social Consumers want, but 53 percent haven’t really asked. They do not—cannot—really know how to deliver value in social and mobile networks.” –Brian Solis
  • “…their next steps are inspired by the insights of others, and their experiences are, in turn, fed back into the cycle to inform the decisions of others.”
  • Social Media in 2012 - Setting Yourself Up for Success

    1. 1. Good Morning! Welcome… Social Media in 2012What You Should Be DoingRight Now to be Successful But first, grab a cup of coffee~ ;) Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    2. 2. Meet MoniqueFounder, Cosmetic Social Media ♥music, ♥USC, ♥s20+ years experience: medical practice management, marketing, training, and ports, ♥spaconsulting days, ♥shoes & ♥driving fastCertified Social Media Strategist since 2009 ♥creativePanelist, Speaker, Trainer endeavors!Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business; Alert Presencerecognition of her work with Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages Named on of 17 Top Facebook Pages for Small Business, 2012 (Fluxe Digital) Named one of top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Pages (2010)Interviewed by SmartMoney Magazine, American MedicalAssociation, Dermatology Times, Medical Economics, ReachMD on SatelliteRadioContributor to Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    3. 3. 6/6/12 300 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    4. 4. NO Excuses…Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    5. 5. The Goal They use social media to spread the word!To build EVANGELISM and OWNERSHIP among yourpatients to ultimately drive higher loyalty & revenue. Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    6. 6. What’s It All About? SOCIAL SCIENCE … not about technologyBrian Solis (@BrianSolis) Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    7. 7. Quick Show of HandsDo you have a clear picture of who your Social Consumer (patient) is? Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    8. 8. Pivot Study ResultsCosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    9. 9. Quick Show of Hands How many of you have asked your SocialConsumers (patients) what they expect from social engagement? Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    10. 10. Pivot Study ResultsCosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    11. 11. So how do you know what I want if you haven’t asked me?Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    12. 12. Put People First• Who are you trying to reach?• Expectations?• Challenges?• How & Why do they connect & communicate? Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    13. 13. “It’s time to get informed and emotional about our (patients).”Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    14. 14. AIDA Sales FunnelHow do they make decisions? St. Elmo Lewis 1898 - AIDA Funnel s ……….. satisfaction Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    15. 15. A New Sales Funnel “…the connected evaluate the shared experiences of those they trust, and expect businesses to respond to their socialized questions.”Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    16. 16. Referral Paths – Then & Now Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    17. 17. Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    18. 18. Spaces & Places to Be Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    19. 19. Image source: yfrog Image source:via @AmandaRykoff Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    20. 20. When in Doubt - ASKCosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    21. 21. Social Media is not… A Broadcasting tool (ever…)Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey
    22. 22. Look through a “High T’s” Lens • High Trust • High Transparency (authentic, genuine, h umble) • High Touch # touchpoints / year • High Traction spreads to more eyeballs!Image via Cosmetic Social Media @MoniqueRamsey
    23. 23. Thank You! Cosmetic Social Media #VCS2012 @MoniqueRamsey