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AACS 2013 Presentation on Branding


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Learn about carrying your branding through your online and offline marketing. Also learn about the voice you use when writing so that it matches your identity/brand.

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AACS 2013 Presentation on Branding

  1. 1. Welcome… In Sync: Making Your Online and Offline Brand (and Voice!) Congruent#AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  2. 2. Meet Monique ♥music, ♥USC, ♥sFounder, Cosmetic Social Media ports, ♥spa20+ years experience: medical practice management, marketing, training, and days, ♥shoesconsulting ♥driving fastCertified Relationship Marketing and Social Media Strategist (2009) ♥creative • Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business endeavors! • Alert Press Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages • Named on of 17 Top Facebook Pages for Small Business, 2012 (Fluxe Digital)Interviewed by SmartMoney Magazine, American MedicalAssociation, Dermatology Times, Surge, Medical Economics, ReachMD onSatellite RadioContributor to Cosmetic Surgery for DummiesBoard – San Diego Social Media Society #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  3. 3. The word "brand" is derivedfrom the Old Norsebrandr meaning"to burn."It refers to the practiceof producers burning theirmark (or brand) onto theirproducts.– #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  4. 4. Branding• Who are you?• How is your practice unique?• Could you explain your brand to the person next to you right now? #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  5. 5. Brand TrustThe intrinsic believability your brand evokes converts awareness to commitment. A promise ofservice, quality, dependability, benefit, etc . – not just for the product or outcome, for the company behind the product #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  6. 6. Embrace it… Live it… Breathe it… Sing it… Sweat it… #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  7. 7. Consistency Make sure the brand image isconsistent across EVERY patient touchpoint. #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  8. 8. Social Media and AppsWebsite Contests #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey In-Office Promotions
  9. 9. Facebook timeline cover photo Events E-blasts & mailers Print: Ads & Collateral Exam Room displaysPromotions / Specials #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  10. 10. MobileMarketing #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  11. 11. Voice “The one thing you never want to delegate is your voice!” ~ Mari SmithMonique and Mari on the set of “Crunch Time” #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  12. 12. VoiceFormal ChattyTechnical Layman’s termsDistant Accessible toneAuthoritative Human/HelpfulSerious FunPoised Irreverent “The one thing you never want to delegate is your voice!” ~ Mari Smith #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  13. 13. Voice#AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  14. 14. VoiceYou will have to adjustyour voice slightlydepending on theplatform’s audience(LinkedIn is moreformal thanFacebook, forinstance) Platform-specific #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  15. 15. Measure 4 ConsistencyStaff: follow through friendlinessOffice: comfort vs. patient hospitality expectations wait time(appt., phone, etc.)Surgical Experience: Pre-op Surgery Day Post-op #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey
  16. 16. Questions?Thank You! #AACS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey