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Interfreight Presentation


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Interfreight Logistics Solutions

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Interfreight Presentation

  1. 1. About Interfreight Interfreight Logistics is on the global market since 1985, year of it´s stablishment in Chicago, the first corporate office. In 1996, the company expanded to Brasil, choosing Rio de Janeiro as the city of the head office. After the success and growth of the first years, branch offices were stablished in New York, Boston, Miami, Mexico City, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Juiz de Fora. Our own offices and partners, more than 225 freight forwarding agents throughout the world, enable our door-to-door service from and to anywhere on the globe. We have a team of experienced experts, always aiming for performance improvements and managing all parts envolved on the operations. Their team work optmizes the logistic process and seeks the excelence of the services offered. Our goal is to be a reference on the international logistics market, always improving our services and creating quality programs focused on the critical analysis of the processes.
  2. 2. Services offered • Ocean Freight: FCL, LCL, breakbulk and charters; • Air Freight: Cargo in passenger aircrafts (PAX), freighters, charters and priority services; • Domestic and International road freight; • Storage and distribution in Brazil and foreign countries; • Insurance for all kinds of shipments; • “Door-to-Door” shipping; • Our own consolidated ocean shipments (LCL) from the US East Coast and from North of Europe to Brazil, and consolidated air shipments from major airports throughout the world; • Team of experts on managing heavy weight cargo and long time projects; • Brazilian customs and tax consulting; • Customs Clearence and management of SISCOSERV registers; • Application and management of special brazilian tax regimes, such as REPETRO, Drawback, Temporary Import and Export, among others
  3. 3. Featured Projects Undertaken Client: CSN Fulfilment: Between 2012 and 2014 Project´s Name: “Transnordestina Road” Cargo Origin: USA and Belgium Commodity: Railway parts and equipments. Approximated Value: USD 760 milions Client: Usiminas Fulfilment: Between 2009 and 2010 Project´s name: Blast Furnace Nbr 3 Cargo Origin: China Commodity: Dismantled Equipments Approximated Value: USD 432 milions Cargo Volume: 27.000,00 m3
  4. 4. Client: Brazilian Government (sugar loaf monument´s administrators) Fulfilment: 2002 Project´s Name: Sugar Loaf Monument Car´s reform Cargo Origin: Italy Commodity: Cables, equipments and cabins Cargo Weight: 200 tons Client: PSA Peugeot/Citroën Fulfilment: Between 2000 and 2001 Project´s Name: Factory Instalation at “Porto Real” city Cargo Origin: France and Italy Commodity: Equipments Cargo Volume: 11.000 m3 of cargo shipped in three chartered vessels and three chartered 747 boeings. Among other well executed projects
  5. 5. Airport Logistic Efficiency Since 2010, Interfreight Logistics is on the top five forwarders on the Logistic Efficiency Rank published by INFRAERO regarding cargo imported and cleared at Rio de Janeiro´s International Airport. 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Interfreight Média Geral 19,88 80,35 19,32 70,85 18,93 72,86 19,05 73,02 22,34 71,53 The average time for Interfreight´s customs clearence on the graph is calculated based on the operation of the client´s Vesuvius Refratários Ltda and Polar Componentes e Sistemas Off-Shore Ltda.
  6. 6. Social Projects Sponsored by Interfreight ASCAD-Rio Founded on “Rocinha” Community, at Rio de Janeiro in 2004, the non-governmental organization “Associação Cristã de Ação Social e Desenvolvimento” (ASCAD, translated to Cristian Association for Social Action and Development) offers sport classes to kids in need, keeping them away from drugs and violence. ICOS At the Community “Morro da Formiga” (translated to “Ant Hill”) since 2010, ICOS Cidadania project acts helping on the development of marginal communities. From integrative activities, the organization has helped on building a friendly enviroment so that the residents of the community itself could be agents of the good will, helping each other and care for the common good.
  7. 7. Rio de Janeiro Ping-Pong State Association ACTM (from portuguese), created in 2011 by a group of ping-pong athletes in “Madureira” neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro, aims to train amateurs and professional athletes, on the attempt of exposing great talents and future champions. But the project´s main mission is to promote social inclusion of the kids and teenagers through sport, contributing in their disciplinary training, education, psicological and moral, thereby molding a citizen, before the athlete. Niteroi-Rugby Development Trying to help kids in need, a group of members of the city of Niterói Rugby League created the project Niterói Rugby-Development in september of 2013. The project attends kids from 12 to 17 years old, focusing not just on the sport itself, but also on the values of Rugby, which are union, respect and team work, keeping the kids away from the streets.
  8. 8. LNP International Logistics, a company of Interfreight Group In all segments and sizes of international companies, the need of customized logistic solutions is identified. LNP Logistics is focused on attending this demand. Specialized in managing import and export processes, our care is in offering an individualized service, which should grant agility and safety on customs and logistic. LNP follows the Eficiency standard of the Interfreight Group, dedicating the attention to the operations with an intense follow up. As part of the Group, the company operates seamlessly with their correlated, offering a full range of customs services with high quality, transparency and objectivity. The Group therefore conquers the trust of the clients and reaches, together, positive and satisfactory results.
  9. 9. Deep Sea Logistics, a company of Interfreight Group The Oil and Gas segment, due to their unique dinamic of resource mobilization, products distribution and strict deadlines for compliance requirements, demands customized solutions. Deep Sea Logistics, represents the division of Interfreight Group to provide services for this demand. A highlighted segment, which also has their own special tax regime, the brazilian REPETRO, needs a supplier fully devoted to its needs. Client: Almaco Project: Construction of housing modules for off-shore use in Brazil. Client: IESA Óleo e Gás Projeto: Naval Pole of Charqueada - RS. Investiment of USD 100 milion
  10. 10. Clients