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4. who would be the audience for your media product


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4. who would be the audience for your media product

  1. 1.  Ouraudience for our media product is going to be for people who love to watch psychological films in their spare time or out with friends on the weekends. Their appearance is unique, and tend to follow trends.
  2. 2.  Their social lives are not that packed and use their leisure time to watch loads of different types of movies that either goes with the normal conventions or challenges it. My target audience are from a middle class background. Some of them like to read books, listen music, go to theatres, museums or cinema’s, shopping etc. My target audience are unisex and should be going to a collage and studying a range of academic courses as well. They enjoy life but at the same time, balance it with education.
  3. 3.  We chose the location of a 17 year olds normal household because we were able to attract our young audiences as they are used to a homely environment. Key shots in our opening scenes were always an aspect I wanted to address to our audience. Throughout the planning and research, our group was interested in testing shot types for our opening scene to convey our originality. I believe some of our shots addressed the audience directly with the build-up of tension and suspense, such as the mid- shot of Sonia. This showed her facial expression clearly and what her body language looked like. Tension-building shots, have been used in thrillers such as ‘The Dark Knight’.