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Phrasal verbs


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Phrasal verbs

  1. 1. Phrasal Verbs QUIZ
  2. 2. He took off his boots. He took his boots off
  3. 3. Please, turn off the lights Please, turn the lights off .
  4. 4. Vets look after animals (inseparable)
  5. 5. She takes after her mother (inseparable)
  6. 6. They get on well. (inseparable)
  7. 7. Many passengers had to put up with the long queues at the airport. (inseparable)
  8. 8. I must give up smoking. I must give it up .
  9. 9. Look up the word in the dictionary. Look the word up in the dictionary.
  10. 10. I would like to take up painting lessons one day. I would like to take painting lessons up one day.
  11. 11. Bringing up kids is not an easy task. Bringing kids up is not an easy task.
  12. 12. I have been looking for my car keys all day, but I can’t find them! (inseparable)
  13. 13. The village was cut off by a landslide. (inseparable)
  14. 14. He cut off a piece of meat and gave it to the dog. He cut it off and gave it to the dog.
  15. 15. I picked up some Spanish when I went to Mexico. I picked some Spanish up when I went to Mexico.
  16. 16. Can you pick up my ruler. It’s under your chair? Can you pick it up . It’s under your chair.