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A practical guide to community building


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This was my deck at the Service Experience Camp 2014, #SXC14, in Berlin.

The presentation was a general introduction into community management and community building, tools an strategies. I also shortly mentioned ambassador networks and how to establish them.

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A practical guide to community building

  1. 1. A practical guide to COMMUNITY BUILDING brought to you by @kathmography
  2. 2. What it takes to be a community manager: // What is community management and what do these people do? // What are the key strategies for community managers? // Everyone’s talking about ambassadors, but how does that work? // What can CMs do to make people come back to their service? @kathmography
  3. 3. @kathmography What’s the difference between community management and PR? // PR managers inform journalists and bloggers about the latest product development updates and news.
  4. 4. Community managers engage people. They facilitate active participation and contribution. // CMs create a participatory circle; not a waterfall of information. @kathmography
  5. 5. What are the key strategies for community managers? // Five ground rules to excel as a community manager and encourage growth of organic referrals. @kathmography
  6. 6. Talk about benefits, not features. // People are busy. Your role is to explain to them how your service helps them personally; not what your service can do. 01 @kathmography
  7. 7. Don’t pitch. Be reactive to what people say. // Everyone wants to be heard. React to people’s needs. Try to help them. 02 @kathmography
  8. 8. When your service isn’t the answer, point them in the right direction. // Build connections by helping people find what they’re looking for. 03 @kathmography
  9. 9. Connect people with common goals and interests. // People are wonderful & everyone’s looking for other people, the next possibility, their next step. Help them! 04 @kathmography
  10. 10. Be human, it’s your job. // Show the humanity of your team. Acknowledge mistakes. Communicate eye to eye. 05 @kathmography
  11. 11. @kathmography Everyone’s talking about community ambassadors, but how does that work? // How to engage your inner circle, because you cannot do everything and you shouldn’t try.
  12. 12. Talk about the people who you want to see talk about you. // Don’t ask people for a favour. Help them on their way up. They’ll return the favour and you won’t even have to ask. @kathmography 01
  13. 13. Focus on the people who identify with your message the most. // Do anything for them to multiply their excitement. Some of them might become your best friends, but that’s another story. @kathmography 02
  14. 14. Be welcoming and open. Make your achievements a shared effort. // Ask people for help, give them the possibility to contribute to the success of your business. @kathmography 03
  15. 15. Don’t just say thank you. Show your gratitude. // Include your ambassadors; enable access to things, people and events. @kathmography 04
  16. 16. Establishing relationships takes time. Don’t expect wonders over night. // Keep in touch with your ambassadors regularly. Show that you care. @kathmography 05
  17. 17. @kathmography What can CMs do to make sure people come back to their service? // Five things there are to say about retention and organic growth.
  18. 18. Don’t be scared to experiment with different forms of communication. // Try something new regularly. Track your successes. Stop when you don’t receive promising results. @kathmography 01
  19. 19. Work closely with the product team to make sure people find your product useful. // Your communication skills can be extraordinary, but remember, in the end it’s your product that people see. Get feedback, get better. @kathmography 02
  20. 20. In advertising, people must see a commercial several times to remember it. // CMs aim at making you hear their message through several people. Don’t rely on one technique. @kathmography 03
  21. 21. The smaller your community is geographically, the more people feel part of it. // Try to establish circles, not lose ends. @kathmography 04
  22. 22. Scream as loud as you want, it won’t be as well received as when your community shares your message. // Help and engage people to spread your cause. Give them the right tools. Talk to your product team (!) @kathmography 05
  23. 23. LET’S DISCUSS. @kathmography Images in this presentation feature Somewhere’s community members and strangers. We love all of them!