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7 laws of universe

This is made coz i needed something as a presentation and the whole information was available as text. So used the info and made the slides. Would like to thank the contributors.

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7 laws of universe

  1. 7 Laws of Universe !<br />
  2. THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION:<br />This states that everything is energy and that it is in a constant state of flux or change. All that we hear, smell, touch, feel and interact with is change. Understand that you as a person will always be under construction, regardless if the change is good or bad<br />
  3. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY:<br />This law is often misinterpreted. The big picture people miss is that this law deals with how things exist through comparison or their relations to each other. Basically put, relationships are everything particularly the relationships you have with yourself.<br />
  4. THE LAW OF VIBRATION:<br />Everything from thought to radiant energy from the sun runs at a frequency and through out life we are constantly tuning this frequency to different radio channels to get information to survive.<br />
  5. THE LAW OF POLARITY:<br />Everything that exist has an opposite and can't exist without it. The only separation is what side of the spectrum it exist on. For example we all have a form of mental illness in my opinion, depending on the degree will determine the severity of the help you need<br />
  6. THE LAW OF RHYTHM:<br />This states that everything in existence is in a dance. That's why dancing and music are so universal. This correlates with the most of the laws because we are all dancing differently in every stage of our lives. So if you don't understand something that just means you are not dancing at the same rhythm.<br />
  7. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT:<br />Everything that happens good or bad is a result of an action that lead to an event, whether it be by you or someone else.It is terribly egotistic to think that you are the first person to experience or feel a certain way. The truth is, you were never the first and you won't be the last. Understand that and the world becomes a fair place to play.<br />
  8. THE LAW OF GENDER:<br />Everything has a period of incubation, there is nothing new per-se. Everything including myself is in a different stage of development or maturation. Remember that each stage helps you get to the next, good or bad.<br />