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This presentation gives some ideas about how to make class-room teaching more interesting.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. All your thoughts and words, spoken or written come true all the pictures of your imaginationhave the power of realization
  2. 2. UsingWordle
  3. 3. WordleA graphical representationof frequently used words
  4. 4. Introduce a lesson
  5. 5. Describing a person
  6. 6. Appearance Feelings Condition Feelingsadorable agreeable alive angrybeautiful brave better bewilderedclean calm careful clumsydrab delightful clever defeatedelegant eager dead embarrassedfancy faithful easy fierceglamorous gentle famous grumpyhandsome happy gifted helplesslong jolly helpful itchymagnificent kind important jealousold-fashioned lively inexpensive lazyplain nice mushy mysteriousquaint obedient odd nervoussparkling proud powerful obnoxiousugliest relieved rich panickyunsightly silly shy repulsivewide-eyed thankful tender scary victorious uninterested thoughtless witty vast uptight zealous wrong worried
  7. 7. Discussing aspeech/document
  8. 8. Right to Education Act
  9. 9. Characters in a book
  10. 10. Other Ideas:• Pre-reading and Post-reading exercises• Custom-made Cards, Letter pads• Improving Vocabulary• Character Sketch by students• Class Rules• Reflections• Expectations
  11. 11.