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Reciprocal Teaching

This presentation explains the different roles students take on in Reciprocal Teaching.

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Reciprocal Teaching

  2. 2. Reciprocal Teaching Reciprocal teaching is a strategy used to help students develop a better understanding of what is presented in any given text.It encourages interactive dialogue or discussion between teacher and learners and is mostly used with pupils who have adequate reading ability.
  3. 3. Roles LeaderQuestioner Clarifier PredictorSummariser
  4. 4. Leader• Decides who will do each role• Tells the group what they will be reading• Invites each member of the group to do their role• Encourages all members to join in with discussions
  5. 5. Questioner• Ask questions that will help the group to understand what has been read• Think of questions while reading the text
  6. 6. Summariser• Tells the group what they have read in their own words• Picks out the main ideas
  7. 7. Clarifier• Clarifies confusing parts of the text to the group• Explains the meanings of unknown words• Answers questions about the meaning of the text• Tells the group the strategies they used to work out words
  8. 8. Predictor• Discusses the predictions they made before, during and after reading the text• Discuss any changes of predictions that were made (confirm & reject)