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Used to


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Published in: Education
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Used to

  1. 1. ARoy2013 Used to Compare what Amy said five years ago to what she says today. Ex. She used to play the violin, but she hasn’t played it for years. 1. She used _________________________, but _______________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________________________________________ Write a few sentences about this cartoon using used to. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ More cartoons: Five years ago I play the violin. I go shopping once a week. I don’t like apples. I don’t like tea. I work in a restaurant. I only read the newspaper. I go jogging every day. I go to bed early. I live in London. Today I eat lots of apples now. I haven’t played the violin for years. I work in a hotel now. I hardly ever go shopping. I go to bed late now. I read books often. Tea’s great! I like it now. I live in New York. I only go jogging once a week.