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Too or enough topic


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Published in: Education
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Too or enough topic

  1. 1. A) Choose the correct one. “Too or Enough” 1) This car is too – enough old. We cannot go anywhere. This book is too – enough thick. I can’t read it. That dress is cheap too – enough. Let’s buy it! This question is too – enough complicated. Everybody is too – enough excited. I can join that club. I’m young too – enough. She can’t come with us. She’s too – enough young. We can make the cake. We have too – enough eggs. 9) Do we have too – enough time to catch the bus? 10) This boy is too – enough noisy. 11) Her room is too – enough tidy. 12) Tom is tall too – enough. 13) This bag is too – enough heavy. I can’t carry it. 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) TOO: It is too hot. ENOUGH: She has enough money. She’s tall enough. TOO ---- TO: It is too hot to go out. ---- ENOUGH TO: She has enough money to buy that car. She’s tall enough to play basketball. C) Complete the sentences with “too – enough” by using the words given. 1) I don’t want to eat that soup. It is ----------. ( cold ) 2) She can’t come to party with us. She isn’t 3) 4) 5) 6) B) Match. 1) Susan is ---- to go out. 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) too heavy enough too cold talented enough too bored too expensive too old too crowded honest enough too young too late old enough too tired enough time too dark warm enough She is over ninety. She ---- to drive a car. We have ---- money. We can buy it. You cannot carry it. It is ----. These shoes are ----. I can’t afford them. The weather is ---- to swim. He is ---- to eat himself. She is ---- to run. We are ----. There is nothing to do at home. It is ---- to go out. I have ---- to have breakfast. She isn’t ---- to tell the truth. It is ---- to find the candle. She is ---- to play every musical instrument. The city is ---- to live. The weather is ----. I’m freezing cold. D) Read the conversation below and fill in the blanks with “too or enough” Karl: Hi Jane! How was your holiday? Jane: It was exciting --------- but the weather was --------- rainy. Karl: So, was it a short trip? Jane: No, it was long ---------. There were -------many places to go but we haven’t --------- time to see all the places. Karl: Did you visit the National Museum? Jane: Yeah, it was wonderful and it was --------crowded to move on. Karl: Did you take photos? Jane: Don’t worry about it. I took --------- photos. I also bought --------- many clothes and presents. My suitcases were --------- full to close. Karl: I see it was a nice holiday for you. Jane: Yes, it was. I have a present for you. Karl: Really? I’m --------- excited to wait. Hope to see you soon! Jane: See you, bye! 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) --------------. ( old ) They need much money. That car is --------------to buy. ( expensive ) We don’t need to worry about the dinner. We have ----------. ( meal ) I missed the bus because I got up ----------. ( late ) I cannot buy that dress. It isn’t ------------- for me to buy. ( cheap ) I cannot climb that mountain. It is ------------. ( high ) You should help your sister. She is ------------ to eat herself. ( young ) It is --------------- to see the way. ( foggy ) He is -------------- to win the race. ( fast ) He is --------------- to be the headmaster. ( qualified ) Don’t want any help from him. He is --------------to help anyone. ( rude ) The movie was --------------. I couldn’t watch it. ( boring ) Ben is --------------- to solve the problems. He never studies. ( lazy ) The questions were --------------to solve. ( difficult ) Jeremy is --------------- to talk people. ( shy ) Ashley is --------------- to pass the test. ( hardworking ) I can’t wear this t-shirt. It is ---------------. ( small ) E) Rewrite the sentences. 1) Dorothy is too young to get dressed herself. ( enough ) ----------------------------------------------. 2) Susan is too tired to type the letters. ( energetic ) ----------------------------------------------. 3) Bernard is rich enough to buy everything. ( poor ) ----------------------------------------------. 4) They are too late to catch the bus. ( early ) ----------------------------------------------. 5) Sharon is too ill to go out. ( healthy ) ----------------------------------------------. 6) Sarah speaks English fluent enough. ( slow ) ----------------------------------------------. 7) The cars were too old to move. ( enough ) ----------------------------------------------. 8) The sea was too cold to swim. ( warm ) ----------------------------------------------. 9) Sam is too irresponsible to take care of his child. ( responsible ) ---------------------------------------------------------------.