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First conditional


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print and answer, see you tomorrow!!!

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First conditional

  1. 1. Exercises: 1) Complete the gaps: a) If I __________________(have) time, I ____________________(go) to your party. b) If he __________________(like) her, he ____________________(invite) her out. c) If they _________________(enjoy) the place, they ___________________ (come) back. d) If she ___________________(love) him, she _____________________ (forgive) him. e) If we ___________________(arrive) late, we _____________________(miss) the party. 2) Make five sentences using the first conditional: Ex: If I work hard, I will get a promotion a) _________________________________________________________________________________. b) _________________________________________________________________________________. c) _________________________________________________________________________________. d) _________________________________________________________________________________. e) _________________________________________________________________________________. 3) Make sentences in the first conditional using the verbs in parenthesis: a) (study / pass) b) (cook / wash the dishes) c) (rain/go to the movies)4) Is there anything wrong with the sentences? Find out what it is and correct them using the first conditional:a) If I didn’t do my homework, my mom will get mad.b) If he doesn’t study hard, he doesn’t pass the exam.
  2. 2. c) If they don’t come to my party, I will get upset.d) If she loved me, she will tell me the truth.e) If we enjoy the club, we come back again.5) Complete the sentences:a) If it rains tomorrow, I ______________________________________________________________________b) If I finish my homework in time, I ____________________________________________________________c) If he works hard, He _______________________________________________________________________d) I will be sad if ___________________________________________________________________________e) If the traffic is bad, I _______________________________________________________________________6) Match:a) I will go to your party ( ) If we have moneyb) We will eat out ( ) If he lies to herc) He will to the movies ( ) If you invite med) She will get angry ( ) If he does his homeworke) I won’t go out ( )If the weather is good