The united kingdom quiz


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The united kingdom quiz

  2. 2. Great Britain consists of:A) England, Scotland andWales.B) England, Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.C) England and Scotland
  3. 3. The United Kingdom consists of:A) England, Scotlandand Wales.B) England and Ireland.C) Great Britain andNorthern Ireland.
  4. 4. Where are these flags from?Scotland WalesEngland Northern Ireland The UNION JACK is the UK flag
  5. 5. The three longest rivers in the UK are: River Trent is one of the major rivers in England. It’s 297 Km long. The Thames is River a major river Severn is flowingthe longest through river in London. It’s Great 346 km long.Britain. It’s 354 km long.
  6. 6. London is the capital city of the UK, can you name these famous places? The Big Ben The British Museum The Tower of London Buckingham Palace
  7. 7. Stonehenge, near Salisbury White Cliffs of Dover Loch Ness, Scotland Ben Nevis, Scotland
  8. 8. Can you name these famous British?William Shakespeare John Lennon Margaret Thatcher Prince Charles J. K Rowling
  9. 9. David Beckham Amy Winehouse Liam Neeson Elton John Adele
  10. 10. Who’s the UK Prime Minister? David CameronNick Clegg Gordon Brown
  11. 11. Which is the capital city of Wales?a) Holyheadb) Swanseac) Cardiff
  12. 12. Which is the capital city of Northern Ireland?a) Dublinb) Belfastc) Derry