Conditional sentences


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Conditional sentences exercises aimed at 1st of Bachillerato students.

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Conditional sentences

  1. 1. Exercises M.Reig
  2. 2.  1) Rewrite these sentences. Use UNLESS or IF: 1. I won’t understand if he doesn’t speak slowly. Unless he speaks slowly, he won’t understand. 2. We’ll miss the bus unless we run. If we don’t run, we’ll miss the bus. 3. You’ll fail your exams if you don’t work harder. Unless you work harder, you’ll fail your exams. 4. If the weather doesn’t get worse, we’ll play tennis. Unless the weather gets worse, we’ll play tennis.
  3. 3.  5. We won’t go out unless it stops raining. If it doesn’t stop raining, we won’t go out. 6. I won’t be prepared for the exam if I don’t study all night. Unless I study all night, I won’t be prepared for the exam. 7. If Tomas doesn’t wake up early, he’ll be late for work. Unless Tomas wakes up early, he’ll be late for work. 8. If you don’t go to Japan, you won’t learn Japanese. Unless you go to Japan, you won’t learn Japanese.
  4. 4.  9. If you don’t drive carefully, I won’t lend you my car. Unless you drive carefully, I won’t lend you my car. 10. We’ll be late if we don’t hurry. We’ll be late unless we hurry. 11. You must study more or you won’t pass the exam. Unless you study more, you won’t pass the exam. 12. The dog will attack you only if you move. Unless you move, the dog won’t attack you.
  5. 5.  2) Rewrite each sentence beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same A) I didnt have an umbrella with me and so I got wet. I wouldnt have got wet if I had had an umbrella. B) Ill call the police if you dont leave me alone! Unless you leave me alone I’ll call the police. C) In the snowy weather we dont go to school. If it snows, we don’t go to school. D) Without Jacks help, I wouldnt have been able to move the table. If Jack hadn’t helped me, I wouldnt have been able to move the table.
  6. 6.  E) You drink too much coffee, thats why you cant sleep. If you drank less coffee, you could sleep. F) You press this button to stop the machine. If you press this button, the machine will stop. G) Make me some coffee, and Ill give you one of my biscuits. If you make me some coffee, I’ll give you one of my biscuits.
  7. 7.  3) Rewrite these sentences using the second or third conditional: 1) I didn’t work for my exams, so I failed. If I had worked for my exams, I wouldn’t have failed. 2) We have no scissors, so we can’t cut it well. If we had scissors, we could cut it well. 3) He was late to work because he didn’t take a taxi. If he had taken a taxi, he wouldn’t have been late. 4) Peter eats a lot, that’s the reason why he is so fat. If Peter didn’t eat a lot, he wouldn’t be so fat. 5) She isn’t happy in her marriage, possibly because he doesn’t pay her any attention. If he paid her more attention, she would be happy in her marriage.
  8. 8.  6) I don’t go swimming because there isn’t a swimming pool nearby. If there were a swimming pool nearby, I would go swimming. 7) We arrived late because our car broke down. If our car hadn’t broken down, we wouldn’t have arrived late. 8) It was raining so I didn’t go to the park. If it hadn’t been raining, I would have gone to the park. 9) William didn’t apply for the job. Consequently he didn’t get the job. If William had applied for the job, he would have got it.
  9. 9.  10) I didn’t have enough money, so I couldn’t buy a new car. If I had had enough money, I could have bought a new car. 11) They speak French to her, not English, so her English doesn’t improve. If they spoke English to her, her English would improved. 12) My number isn’t in the directory so people don’t telephone me. If my number were in the directory, people would phone me. 13) I’m fat. That’s why I can’t get through the bathroom window. If I weren’t so fat, I could get through the bathroom window. 14) I can’t drive so we can’t take the car. If I could drive, we could take the car.
  10. 10.  15) We have no ladder so we can’t get over the wall. If we had a ladder, we could get over the wall. 16) I didn’t see the signal, so I didn’t stop. If I had seen the signal, I would have stopped. 17) English people speak very quickly. Perhaps that’s why I don’t understand them. If English people spoke slower, I would understand them. 18) She didn’t know you were on hospital, so she didn’t visit you. If I had known you were on hospital, I would have visited you. 19) We didn’t visit the museum because we didn’t have time. If we had had time, we would have visited the museum.
  11. 11.  20) We missed the train because we used an out-of-date timetable. If we hadn’t used an out-of-date timetable, we wouldn’t have missed the train. 21) The sweater shrank because you washed it in boiling water. If you hadn’t washed the sweater in boiling water, it wouldn’t have shrunk. 22) He looks unattractive because he never shaves. If he shaved, he would look attractive. 23)The house is quite cold because I haven’t got central heating. If I had central heating, the house would be warm. 24) I didn’t work hard at school so I didn’t get a good job. If I had worked hard at school, II would have got a good job.