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Day and night.


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Day and night.

  1. 1. GIMNASIO FEMENINO<br />ENGLISH DEPARTMENT<br />-61595196215PRESCHOOL - PREMONTESSORI<br />Note: Parental support needed.<br />Parental guidance is needed by reading aloud the e-tivity’s instructions to be performed by the student, to help open the audio file to be used and to print the needed material.<br />(Please let your daughter do the listening and identifying activities independently. It would be advisable to practice with this tool as many times as she needs /wants).<br />7225030141605Topic: Day and Night <br />Subtopic: Vocabulary related to Day and Night: rooster, alarm clock, and wake up, shower, sunny, lunch time, pajama, brush teeth, grasshopper, dogs, sleep, and moon.<br />Average Online time: 15 min<br />Average Offline time: 15 min<br />Lesson Objectives: <br />Identify vocabulary related to the topic Day and Night from an audio by classifying, showing and naming illustrations related to it.<br />68535552381257548880-699135Instructions: <br />8882380901701. Print the VOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS. (See E-tivity’s Appendix 1). <br />2. Print the CLASSIFYING PAPER (See E-tivity’s Appendix 2). <br />71107301549408518525774703. Cut each of the VOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS. (E-tivity’s Appendix 1)<br />796798095254. Use the CLASSIFYING PAPER and the VOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS to identify the words from the audio and classify the illustrations according to each of the three parts of the audio. Click on the following link to hear the AUDIO – DAY AND NIGHT <br /><br />5. Glue the VOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS in the CLASSIFYING PAPER to illustrate and sequence what you are listening in the audio in the correct order. TAKE YOUR PRODUCT TO CLASS.<br />CLASSIFYING PAPERAUDIOVOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS (Classification and sequence)1. ...2.3.<br />Appendix 1 - VOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS <br />Cut each illustration and use it to illustrate the audio while you listen to it. Use the CLASSIFYING PAPER.<br />7367905345440 <br /> <br /> <br />8463280215900<br />7186930474345 <br />Appendix 2 - CLASSIFYING PAPER Classify, sequence and glue the VOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS while you listen to the AUDIOAUDIOVOCABULARY ILLUSTRATIONS (Classification and sequence)1. ...2.3.<br />