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Social media mediasharing-monicamcginnis

How I share social media

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Social media mediasharing-monicamcginnis

  1. 1. MEDIA SHARING Monica McGinnis
  2. 2. Facebook ◦ I use Facebook to share photos and update friends and family about what is going on. ◦ Mostly about my dog, Arya.
  3. 3. Reddit ◦ I mostly use Reddit to look at other peoples photo’s and videos. ◦ This is a site used by many to upload funny or interesting things that happen to them. ◦ Unlike Facebook you don’t have to follow or be friends with someone in order to see what they have posted. It is free for all to look at.
  4. 4. Pinterest ◦ I use Pinterest to post and share new recipes and ideas about food and crafts.