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Simple continuous moni


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Simple continuous moni

  2. 2. Forms (+) Form I/we/you/they play football. Subject + Infinitive of the verb. He/she/it plays football. In the 3rd person Singular (he, she, it - or a name) we add “s” to the verb in (+) sentences. (-) Form Use of the auxiliary do (and does for “he-she-it) I/we/you/they don't play football. He/she/it doesn't play football (?) Form Do I/we/you/they play football? Does he/she/it play football? PRESENT SIMPLE
  3. 3. Uses PRESENT SIMPLE Facts I speak Portuguese
  4. 4. Uses PRESENT SIMPLE Habits (Routine) He brushes his teeth everyday
  5. 5. Uses PRESENT SIMPLE Hobbies I play the guitar twice a week
  6. 6. Uses PRESENT SIMPLE Routine I do the housework on Saturdays
  7. 7. Form To be (am, is, are) + Infinitive of the verb (+ing) (+) Form I am playing volleyball. He/she/it is playing volleyball. We/you/they are playing volleyball. (-) Form I am not playing volleyball. He/she/it isn't playing volleyball. We/you/they aren't playing volleyball. (?) Form Am I playing volleyball? Is he/she/it playing volleyball? Are we/you/they playing volleyball? PRESENT CONTINUOUS
  8. 8. Uses PRESENT CONTINUOUS Actions happening at the moment of speaking Our teacher is running now
  9. 9. Uses PRESENT CONTINUOUS Fixed plans in near future The Smiths are leaving on Saturday
  10. 10. Uses PRESENT CONTINUOUS Temporary actions His father is working at night this month
  11. 11. Uses PRESENT CONTINUOUS Actions happening around the moment of speaking (longer actions) I am working in a pizza shop this semester.