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Email Etiquette: Tips For Better Communication


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Even if you’re not the world’s greatest writer, you should still learn how to write effective emails. It’s absolutely essential if you want people to take you seriously. Here are few guidelines that you should follow for better communication.

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Email Etiquette: Tips For Better Communication

  1. 1. Email Etiquette Key To Effective Communication By Monika Dhoundiyal Human Resource Manager
  2. 2. Why is email etiquette important? 1. It conveys a more appropriate image for your company. 2. Efficient emails get to the point and are more effective. 3. It shows respect for your fellow email users.
  3. 3. Writing An Email
  4. 4. Start with a salutation • Dear Mr. James, or Dear Professor Smith, (for someone you don’t know well, especially if they’re a superior). • Dear Joe, or Dear Mandy, (if you have a working relationship with the person). • Hi Joe, Hello Joe or just the name followed by a comma (Joe,) if you know the person well.
  5. 5. Be concise and to the point
  6. 6. Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation
  7. 7. Do not write in CAPITALS
  8. 8. Take care with abbreviations and emoticons Subject: F2F Mtg Req Am req a F2F w/ u ITNF, 2 discuss upcoming PRs. R U available on Mon @ 3? Pls lv a msg on my vm, as I w/b OOO. Subject: Face to face Meeting Request I am requesting a face-to-face meeting with you in the near future to discuss upcoming performance reviews. Are you available on Monday at 3:00? Please leave a message on my voice mail, as I will be out of the office.
  9. 9. Use a meaningful subject Examples of Bad Subject Lines. 1. Customer query 2. Help needed 3. A tough problem! 4. Very important 5. Please read 6. Reply immediately 7. Request for information - URGENT!! 8. URGENT URGENT URGENT!!!
  10. 10. Examples of bad subject lines used by Hanna employees Subject Line Inside Matter India in trouble Article on India’s falling growth rate Contacts Email contained the employee contact list I am back Resumed the duties after a leave MTC AND ATC Technical note on Automatic Temperature Compensation and Manual Temperature Compensation FYR Document attached for reference Hanna Instruments: Visit our stall at INDIA WATER EXPO 2013 at Gujarat University Exhibition Hall, Ahmedabad Exhibition Invitation to customer
  11. 11. Be careful with styling and formatting 1. Use professional font 2. Avoid using multiple colors 3. Do not use patterned backgrounds 4. Use formatting like italics or bold fonts sparingly
  12. 12. Use a sensible email signature An email signature should include your name, position, company name, address, phone number, email address and website details.
  13. 13. Examples of bad email signatures
  14. 14. Do not attach unnecessary files
  15. 15. Replying To An Email
  16. 16. Answer swiftly Answer all questions, pre-empt further questions Do not overuse reply to all Refrain from sending one-liners
  17. 17. Sending An Email
  18. 18. Do not overuse the high priority option Send or copy only on a need to know basis Use the Bcc field or do a mail merge Read the email before you send it
  19. 19. Other Things To Remember 1. Do not use email to discuss confidential / personal matters 2. Never try to resolve a conflict via email 3. Don't write when you're angry 4. Pick up the phone
  20. 20. Good Email Etiquette Costs Nothing And Is Worth A Lot