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The otter


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Published in: Education
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The otter

  1. 1. By Alejandro A., Beatriz, Carmen and Marina
  2. 2. Otters are usually found no more than a fewhundred maters from water. Most speciesare entriely dependent on aquatic habitatsfor food.Otters have an almost worldwidedistibution.
  3. 3. The otter feeds of seafood , sea , winding ,fish ,arabs , snakes,squid, octopus ,stanfish and types of invertebrates.
  4. 4. The otter are semi-aquatic, fish-eating mammals. It has gota large body. It has got a long neck and discreeteyes andears.It has got abundand beards. The extremities are short androbust and are provided with interdigital membranes. Thecolor of body is generaly dark but the abdomen and neckare usually white.
  5. 5. The otter are mammals. They can hold theinbreath for 8 minutes under water oftereating. The otters have a habit ofgrooming. They can live between 8 and 15years. Out the water are short-sighted.They are born without tooth and blind