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5 stig ict platform ottesen


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Empower H2020 Sumposium: "Local energy markets; dream or facta"

Published in: Engineering
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5 stig ict platform ottesen

  1. 1. ICT Platform Presentation at the symposium «Local energy markets – dream or facta» Barcelona 26th January 2017 Stig Ødegaard Ottesen Head of R&D
  2. 2. Presentation outline © • New requirements to ICT platforms to make local energy markets facta • eSmart’s platform in general • eSmart’s ICT platform adaptations from EMPOWER with focus on flexibility contracts to solve DSO problems
  3. 3. Ongoing technology changes at the demand side of power systems © • Energy technologies • More uncontrollable, unpredictable and intermittent power generation • More power demanding appliances • Storage technologies • ICT technologies • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) • The Internet of Things - Interconnection of appliances and “things”
  4. 4. Technical implications for (local) power systems © • Larger peaks • Reverse load flows • Increased dynamics • Less predictability • May lead to voltage and capacity problems in the distribution grid
  5. 5. Power market implications © • New or changed roles and responsibilities • Passive consumer => flexible prosumer • Energy Service Companies • Aggregators • New contract types and business models • Indirect (price-based) control: A central agent sends a price signal and the customer responds • Direct control: A central agent remotely controls the customers’ equipment • New or changed market designs and market rules • Demand side flexibility participating in wholesale markets • Market clearing closer to operation • Local energy markets • Local flexibility markets
  6. 6. New requirements to ICT platforms • Large amounts of data • Ability to handle big data and to be scalable • More difficult to predict load, generation and prices • Advanced prediction models needed • More dynamics in business models and market rules • ICT solutions must be flexible and easy to adapt • Many more decisions to make • Big data analytics and advanced decision support © The Nexus of Forces Source: Gartner 2013 Disruptive Innovation the Way Forward For High Value Adding Economy
  7. 7. The eSmart approach: to utilize the cloud Machine Learning and Analytics Business Specific Processing Workflow Map Integration Real-Time Handling Graph-based Asset Management Real-Time API Web-based API Cloud-based Integration Desktop Client Apps API Large Screen Display Storage Analytics Framework Queues Service Hosts Real-Time Framework In-memory
  8. 8. eSmart System platform
  9. 9. eSmart System platform
  10. 10. The flexibility concept in EMPOWER © • Target: To exploit local flexibility to solve local problems for the DSO • The SESP (Smart Energy Service Provider) and DSO (Distribution System Operator) enter contract for flexibility services • The SESP enters flexibility contracts with flexible consumers and prosumers • Up: Increased generation, decreased load, storage discharging • Down: Decreased generation, increased load, storage charging Consumer 1 SESP Prosumer 1 Prosumer 2 DSO
  11. 11. Flexibility contract information © • Constraints • Power limits • Timing limits • Maximum duration • Minimum rest time • Maximum number per week • Temperature restrictions • Cost • Compensation when reserved • Compensation when activated
  12. 12. Control request © • The DSO submits control requests (up- or down- regulation) within 15 minutes intervals from a web interface
  13. 13. Available flexibility © • SESP predicts available flexibility (machine learning algorithms) based on a combination of • Predicted load/generation • Contract information • Available flexibility (upper bound) is presented with control request
  14. 14. Control plan © • SESP generates a control plan • That fulfils the control request • That does not violate any technical or contractual constraint • That minimizes the total cost • Optimization model (MILP) • Control signals are sent to the prosumers • Gateways • Prosumer apps
  15. 15. Prosumer app Decline functionality ©
  16. 16. Prosumer app ©
  17. 17. ©
  18. 18. © Thank you for your attention Stig Ødegaard Ottesen +47 90 97 31 24