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Sharding with MongoDB (Eliot Horowitz)


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Published in: Technology
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Sharding with MongoDB (Eliot Horowitz)

  1. open-source, high-performance, document-oriented database
  2. Why Sharding • Vertical scaling is limited by physics and cost • Hard to scale vertically in the cloud • Can scale wider than higher
  3. What is Sharding • ad-hoc partitioning • consistent hashing (Dynamo) • range based partitioning (BigTable/PNUTS)
  4. Overview • Automatic partitioning and management • range based • Can convert from single master to sharded system with 0 downtime • Almost no functionality lost over single master • Fully consistent
  5. Range Based • collection is broken into chunks by range
  6. Auto-sharding Shards mongo mongo mongo .. Config mongo mongo mongo Servers mongod mongod mongod mongos mongos .. client
  7. Config Servers • 3 of them • changes are made with 2 phase commit • if any are down, meta data goes read only • system is online as long as 1/3 is up
  8. Shards • Can be master, master/slave or replica sets • Replica sets gives sharding + full auto- failover • Regular mongod processes
  9. mongos • Sharding Router • Acts just like a mongod to clients • Can have 1 or as many as you want • Can run on appserver so no extra network traffic
  10. Writes • Inserts : require shard key, routed • Removes: routed and/or scattered • Updates: routed or scattered
  11. Queries • By shard key: routed • sorted by shard key: routed in order • by non shard key: scatter gather • sorted by non shard key: distributed merge sort
  12. Operations • split: breaking a chunk into 2 • migrate: move a chunk from 1 shard to another
  13. Balancing • distributes chunks automatically • can look at: disk ops, cpu, data size
  14. Multi DataCenter • intelligent geo honing • auto failover
  15. Sharding Limitations • Unique indexes not based on shard key • current version limited to ~ 20 petabytes
  16. After Party! Download MongoDB and let us know what you think @eliothorowitz @mongodb