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247 overviewmongodbevening-bangalore

  1. 1. Creating Intuitive Customer Experiences Across Channels Using Big Data to Anticipate, Simplify, and Learn 23 March 2014
  2. 2. Susheel Zaveri 2 •  Senior Development Manager @ [24]7 Inc •  M.Sc (Hons) Economics and B.E(Hons) Computer Science from BITS Pilani. •  Prior to [24]7 ran a company for 5+ years. •  Like working on new technologies and products. •  Used Mongo DB at •  [24]7 – Case Study to Follow •  La Salle, Manila – for Managing entire School operations through tablet.
  3. 3. Global Software and Solutions Company with clients in North America, Europe, Asia & Australia & revenues of $250 M in 2012 Managing over 2.5B speech & self-service interactions, 120M online consumer, and 25M predictive interactions a year Anticipate, Simplify and Learn from each consumer experience The only Cloud Platform available today using big data and prediction to render customer interactions seamlessly across multiple channels: Online, Speech, Mobile, and Agents The Intuitive Consumer Experience Company 3
  4. 4. [24]7 Intuitive, Predictive Experiences Our goal: Help our customers create a single, digital channel for sales and service 2.5B digital interactions/year 4.5TB of interaction data/week #1 CE Reducing effort across channels 50+Patents and Patents Pending 4
  5. 5. Global Footprint Delivery Centre Guatemala City Manila (4)Managua HyderabadBangalore Engineering Centre Client Service 5
  6. 6. Board of Directors P V Kannan (PV) Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer [24]7Customer, Inc S Nagarajan (Nags) Co-Founder & Chief People Officer [24]7 Michael Moritz Managing Member Sequoia Capital Ram Shriram Managing Partner Sherpalo Ventures, LLC George Shaheen Director NetApp The company’s Board have been among the Top 3 in the Forbes‘ Midas List. They have been involved in Google, Yahoo!, PayPal, Amazon and Kayak. 6
  7. 7. Creating One Digital Channel
  8. 8. Defining Intuitive Experiences "  What is an intuitive experience? •  Predictive, Personalised, and Proactive •  Seamless and Consistent across channels •  Drives desirable outcomes 8
  9. 9. One Size Doesn’t Fit All First challenge: Identify the customer, her unique needs, and her specific goal in the transaction Anticipate predict intent leverage identity Simplify make it easy Learn from every interaction Second challenge: Create a dynamic experience that uses multiple channels to get the task done, faster Third challenge: Continually enhance the experience for the next visit, and for every other individual customer 9
  10. 10. Big Data is the Key to Intuitive Experiences Using big data and prediction to deliver more intuitive consumer experiences Big Data Web & IVR Logs Web Journeys Transcripts Social media CRM Customer history Product mix Surveys Switch data Agent performance Agent dispositions Agent notes Anticipate predict intent leverage identity Simplify make it easy Learn from every interaction 10
  11. 11. © [24]7 Inc 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / CONFIDENTIAL Case  Study   11
  12. 12. Problem Being Solved •  Alerting •  Monitoring •  Debugging *Across All Channels. 12
  13. 13. Mongo Foot Print •  650 GB – And Growing Rapidly •  Response time < 1 Second ( no optimization yet J ) •  Maintains Information about •  Trend Information across various key business metrics •  Personalized User Profile 13
  14. 14. Setup •  Started with single Mongo node •  Right now just handling it with one Replica Set •  Node has been running for over 1 year, with out any problems J and any expert help. •  Apart from this we use •  Elastic Search and •  MySQL 14
  15. 15. Mongo for Developers •  Takes away pain of •  Design your collections / document structure smartly. •  Designing everything upfront ( adopts to changes as we move ahead ) •  Scaling •  Aggregation Framework and Geo Queries are icing on the cake •  If you need to solve business problem, Mongo is your best Buddy !!! 15
  16. 16. What Should I do Install Mongo and Start using it J 16
  17. 17. www.247-inc.com