Partner Recruitment Webinar: "Join the Most Productive Ecosystem in Big Data with MongoDB"


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We are looking for more partners in your region to deal with the increasing demand for MongoDB. This is the slide deck of the webinar, broadcast on 21st May 2014, dedicated to see if a MongoDB partnership could benefit your company as well.

In this presentation you can find out more about:

- Why MongoDB is growing so fast and how you can benefit from this fast changing market
- How existing partners succeed with MongoDB and how they benefit
- Potential business opportunities

To give you some idea of the momentum in EMEA:

- Tens of thousands of active leads visiting our website
- Tens of thousands of registrations for MongoDB Online Education
- 30.000+ members on LinkedIn with MongoDB on their profile

Visit the Partner Program for more general information.

About the speaker: Luca Olivari

Luca Olivari is the Director of Business Development at MongoDB, where he's responsible for building the ecosystem in Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Prior to MongoDB, Luca worked at Oracle, where he led the MySQL Sales Consulting team in EMEA. Before MySQL, he ran the Database and Business Intelligence practice and then coordinated the Business Development and Strategy team for a Systems Integrator. Luca has a BA in Business and Marketing

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  • Customers (not just users)
  • MongoDB provides agility, scalability, and performance without sacrificing the functionality of relational databases, like full index support and rich queries Indexes: secondary, compound, text search, geospatial, and more
  • 3 major trends driving innovation in IT today

    All of them center around minimizing upfront investment and paying for value over time

    Waterfall -- > Agile
    Fail fast, fail small
    Encourage experimentation
    More responsive to the business

    2. Hardware
    Scale Up -- > Scale Out via cloud and commodity architectures
    Lower TCO
    Better cost visibility
    Less upfront investment, risk of wasted capital

    3. Software
    Big License + Maintenance to Open-Source and SaaS
    Started with, Red Hat; now many others following suit
    Less upfront investment, risk of wasted capital
    Pay for value over time
  • MongoDB is aligned with all 3 of these trends – why its seeing such massive adoption in both enterprises and startups

    RDBMS uses fixed schema
    MongoDB uses documents instead of tables which have dynamic schemas
    Allows teams to get started quickly without lots of upfront planning
    To iterate and adapt as they go
    To respond to business more quickly
    E.g., MetLife built 360-degree view of customers in 3 months because it could iterate on the data model

    2. Hardware
    Scale Up -- > Scale Out via cloud and commodity architectures
    RDBMS is built for scale-up
    MongoDB is built from the ground for scale out in cloud environments (using data partitioning, i.e., auto-sharding)
    E.g., Orange saved £2M by moving to MongoDB and migrating to Amazon Web Services

    3. Software
    Big License + Maintenance to Open-Source and SaaS
    MongoDB is open-source.
    Community edition is free.
    Enterprise edition is charged per server, per year – so investment is spread out over time
    E.g., MongoDB can save companies over 50% on TCO in licensing alone (not even including all other savings in terms of hardware and developer productivity)
  • This is where MongoDB fits into the existing enterprise IT stack
    MongoDB is an operational data store used for online data, in the same way that Oracle is an operational data store. It supports applications that ingest, store, manage and even analyze data in real-time. (Compared to Hadoop and data warehouses, which are used for offline, batch analytical workloads.)
  • MongoDB is aligned with strategic IT initiatives – like new apps in mobile, etc.; commodity hardware and cloud computing; Hadoop; and so on
    Just like enterprises are focusing now on apps in mobile, SaaS, and social, and spending less time on innovating on legacy apps…
    Enterprises are increasingly looking at moving away from Oracle and other proprietary systems to modern data stores like MongoDB to support new app development (and even for migrate legacy applications)
  • If GE capitalizes on these changes, it can realize impact to the business

    Enabling New Apps: MetLife built a 360-degree view of its customers in 3 months. Tried for 2 years with RDBMS and was ultimately impossible
    Better Customer Experience: eHarmony matches more couples faster -- reduced the time to match singles by 95% by migrating from RDBMS to MongoDB
    Faster Time to Market: accelerated its product roadmap by 12 months
    Lower TCO: Tier 1 investment bank saved $40M over 5 years by migrating from RDBMS to MongoDB.
  • Numbers are ROUNDED
    71% savings vs. Oracle
  • Indeed: #2 just after HTML and ahead of iOS, Android, Hadoop
    Jasper: Demand for MongoDB, the document-oriented NoSQL database, saw the biggest spike with over 200% growth in 2011.
    451 Group: Bigger than next 3 or 4 COMBINED; biggest quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth (again)
  • Indeed: #2 just after HTML and ahead of iOS, Android, Hadoop
    Jasper: Demand for MongoDB, the document-oriented NoSQL database, saw the biggest spike with over 200% growth in 2011.
    451 Group: Bigger than next 3 or 4 COMBINED; biggest quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth (again)
  • Customer Data Management (e.g., Customer Relationship Management, Biometrics, User Profile Management)
    Product and Asset Catalogs (e.g., eCommerce, Inventory Management)
    Social and Collaboration Apps: (e.g., Social Networks and Feeds, Document and Project Collaboration Tools)
    Mobile Apps (e.g., for Smartphones and Tablets)
    Content Management (e.g, Web CMS, Document Management, Digital Asset and Metadata Management)
    Internet of Things / Machine to Machine (e.g., mHealth, Connected Home, Smart Meters)
    Security and Fraud Apps (e.g., Fraud Detection, Cyberthreat Analysis)
    DbaaS (Cloud Database-as-a-Service)
    Data Hub (Aggregating Data from Multiple Sources for Operational or Analytical Purposes)
    Big Data (e.g., Genomics, Clickstream Analysis, Customer Sentiment Analysis)
  • Customers (not just users)
  • 350+ partners, growing ~20% monthly
    Certification: Cloud, BI/ETL, Analytics, Auditing/Security
    Other partners in BI (e.g., Pentaho, Jaspersoft) with many more coming

    IBM: Standardizing on BSON, MongoDB query language, and MongoDB wire protocol; integration with Guardium security product; integration with WebSphere
    Red Hat: Collaborating on a secure architecture for MongoDB
    Informatica: Integration with ETL
    Amazon: Easily deploy MongoDB on Amazon EC2; we have worked together to develop reference architectures and to use MongoDB with Amazon’s latest technologies, such as SSD instances and Provisioned IOPS (PIOPS)
    Rackspace: Rackspace offers a purpose-build database-as-a-service offering for MongoDB (through acquisition of ObjectRocket)
    Microsoft Azure: We have collaborated on tools to make it easy to deploy MongoDB on Microsoft Azure
    Intel, EMC, NetApp: We’re certified to work with their hardware. More to come.
  • Partner Recruitment Webinar: "Join the Most Productive Ecosystem in Big Data with MongoDB"

    1. 1. Partnering with MongoDB: An Ecosystem Always Wins
    2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to MongoDB • The World has Changed • Why Partner with MongoDB? • MongoDB Partner Program • Additional Resources
    3. 3. Introduction to MongoDB
    4. 4. 4 MongoDB The leading NoSQL database Document Database Open- Source General Purpose
    5. 5. 5 To provide the best database for how we build and run apps today MongoDB Vision Build – New and complex data – Flexible – New languages – Faster development Run – Big Data scalability – Real-time – Commodity hardware – Cloud
    6. 6. 6 27 of the Top 100 Organizations 10 of the Top Financial Services Institutions 10 of the Top Electronics Companies 10 of the Top Media and Entertainment Companies 10 of the Top Retailers 10 of the Top Telcos 8 of the Top Technology Companies 6 of the Top Healthcare Companies Fortune 500 & Global 500
    7. 7. 7 7,000,000+ MongoDB Downloads 150,000+ Online Education Registrants 25,000+ MongoDB User Group Members 25,000+ MongoDB Management Service (MMS) Users 20,000+ MongoDB Days Attendees Global Community
    8. 8. 8 Agile MongoDB Overview Scalable
    9. 9. 10 MongoDB Products and Services MongoDB University Certification and Training for Developers and Administrators – Online & In-Person MongoDB Management Service (MMS) Cloud-Based Service for Monitoring, Alerts, Backup and Restore Subscriptions Development & Production – On-Prem Monitoring, Advanced Security, Professional Support and Commercial License Consulting Expert Resources for All Phases of MongoDB Implementations
    10. 10. The World has Changed
    11. 11. 12 3 IT Trends Driving Innovation Development Hardware Software Iterative Cloud Biz Models
    12. 12. 13 MongoDB Development Hardware Software Dynamic Schema Horizontal Scaling Open-Source
    13. 13. 14 MongoDB and Enterprise IT Stack EDWHadoop Management&Monitoring Security&Auditing RDBMS CRM, ERP, Collaboration, Mobile, BI OS & Virtualization, Compute, Storage, Network RDBMS Applications Infrastructure Data Management Online Data Offline Data
    14. 14. 15 MongoDB and Enterprise IT Strategy Legacy Strategic Apps On-Premise SaaS, Mobile, Social Database Oracle MongoDB Offline Data Teradata Hadoop Compute Scale-Up Server Commodity HW / Cloud Storage SAN Local Storage / Cloud Network Routers and Switches Software-Defined Networks
    15. 15. 16 MongoDB Business Value Enabling New Apps Better Customer Experience Lower TCOFaster Time to Market
    16. 16. 17 Smaller Project – 3-Year TCO $166K $820K $348K $860K 69% savings vs. Big Company $1,680K $514K Big Company
    17. 17. Why Partner with MongoDB?
    18. 18. OUR MISSION: “To build the greatest and most productive ecosystem in the database world by making easy and rewarding to do business with us”
    19. 19. 20 Facebook Leading NoSQL Database LinkedInGoogle Twitter
    20. 20. 21 Meetups Leading NoSQL Database Media Coverage • There are more than 200 databases on • Picking the leading general purpose database at the beginning can be transformative for the business
    21. 21. 22 Leading Organizations Rely on MongoDB
    22. 22. 23 MongoDB Use Cases Big Data Product & Asset Catalogs Security & Fraud Internet of Things Database-as-a- Service Mobile Apps Customer Data Management Data Hub Social & Collaboration Content Management Intelligence Agencies Top Investment and Retail Banks Top US Retailer Top Global Shipping Company Top Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Top Media Company Top Investment and Retail Banks
    23. 23. 24 • Almost 30’000 profiles • More than 110’000 Leads in the System Snapshot of EMEA via LinkedIn
    24. 24. 25 Fortune 1000 Coverage in EMEA
    25. 25. 26 Favorable Market Customer Demand Partner-friendly Company Low Barriers to Entry Biggest Ecosystem in NoSQL Flexible Business Model A Great Time to Partner
    26. 26. MongoDB Partner Program
    27. 27. 28 Symbiosis Image courtesy
    28. 28. 29 MongoDB Routes-to-Market Channel Partners Direct Sales Cloud Partners SW/HW Partners Service Partners • Directly Manage Named Accounts • Help Partners with Co-Sell Activities • Share Opportunities with Partners • Re-Sell MongoDB to Customers • Add Value by Providing Solutions and Services • Help Go-To-Market Activities • Acts as a Distribution Channel (via Marketplaces) • Facilitate Adoption of MongoDB • Co-Market 10gen’s Products (XaaS) • Embed, Certify and Enhance MongoDB • Co-Market and Co-Sell 10gen’s products • Facilitate Adoption of MongoDB • Build MongoDB Applications • Adopt MongoDB as a Standard Development Platform • Deliver Consulting and Training Services
    29. 29. 30 Partner Management Process Strategy and Relationship Enablement Channel Management Opportunity Management Partner Technical Services Channel Program Management and Administration Sell-to, Co-Sell, Sell- through Training and Certification Routes-to-Market, Fit and Solutions New Partner (including OEM) Business Development Sales Qualification & Discovery
    30. 30. 31 Ready Advanced Strategic* Toward a Strategic Relationship Partners will join with the “Ready” status, but the intent is to grow the relationship and the business potential
    31. 31. 32 Ready Advanced Strategic* Technical Benefits Support by Request X X X Technical Kit X X X Design Assistance X X Support with SLA X X Access to Product Roadmaps X X Sales Benefits Sales Kit X X X Deal Registration Portal X X X Channel Manager X X Benefits/I
    32. 32. 33 Ready Advanced Strategic* Marketing Benefits Marketing Kit X X X MongoDB Logo Usage X X X Web Listing Basic X X Special Program Logo Usage X X Joint PR X X Flash Page X X Benefits/II * Strategic partners receives additional benefits
    33. 33. 34 Ready Advanced Strategic* Software, Hardware and Cloud Validated Product Self-validation Co-validation Co-validation At Least 1 Successful Customer/Case Study X X Shared Business Plans X X Channel At Least 2 Trained Technical Staff, 2 Trained Sales Staff X X At Least 1 Successful Deal X X Shared Business Plans X X Services At Least 2 Trained Technical Staff, 2 Trained Sales Staff X X At Least 1 Successful Customer/Case Study X X Shared Business Plans X X Requirements
    34. 34. 35 MongoDB Partners (500+) Software & Services Cloud & Channel Hardware
    35. 35. 36 Strategic Choice For Market Leaders First and Usually the Only Supported NoSQL Database CLOUDDATACENTER Standardizing on MongoDB as industry-leading database for modern web and mobile applications; integrations with Guardium, DB2, more Security reference architecture for RHEL; default OpenShift database Codeless data integration embedded in PowerCenter Big Data Edition Top NoSQL database on AWS by a massive margin. Working closely with AWS on engineering enhancements, co-marketing, more Broad distribution agreement for engineered systems with leading support Tight integration into fast-growing enterprise private cloud solution
    36. 36. Additional Resources
    37. 37. 38 Meet the EMEA Business Development Leadership Team Luca Olivari • Director of Business Development and Strategy Koby Lif • Director of Channels Guillaume Prieckaerts • Partner Program Manager & Administrator Joe Drumgoole • Partner Technical Services Director Tugdual Grall • PTS Evangelist and Architect Note: our emails are
    38. 38. 39 • MongoDB Partners (500+) – • Partner Program Overview – • Apply now! – • Contact us: – Partnership Program Details
    39. 39. 40 Resource Location MongoDB Downloads Free Online Training Webinars and Events White Papers Case Studies Presentations Documentation Additional Info For More Information Resource Location
    40. 40. 41 We wish you a lot of Success Working with MongoDB! The MongoDB Business Development Organization