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MongoDB Launchpad 2016: MongoDB 3.4: Your Database Evolved


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Presented by Seong Park, VP, Solutions Architecture, MongoDB

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MongoDB Launchpad 2016: MongoDB 3.4: Your Database Evolved

  1. 1. What’s new in MongoDB
  2. 2. A MongoDB event #MongoDB VP Solutions Architecture MongoDB @seong17 Seong Park
  3. 3. #MongoDB Mission-critical apps. Stronger security, broader platform support, and Zones make MongoDB ready for the most demanding mission-critical deployments. Multi-model done right. Other vendors sell you multiple products. MongoDB gives you multiple models in one database: document, graph, key value, and search with faceted navigation. Modernized tooling. A sophisticated range of tools and integrations provide powerful capabilities for Data Analysts, DBAs, and Operations teams. MongoDB 3.4 Themes
  4. 4. #MongoDB Hash-Based Sharding Roles Kerberos On-Prem Monitoring 2.4 2.6 3.0 3.2 $out Index Intersection Text Search Field-Level Redaction LDAP & x509 Auditing Document Validation $lookup Fast Failover Simpler Scalability Aggregation ++ Encryption At Rest In-Memory Storage Engine BI Connector MongoDB Compass APM Integration Profiler Visualization Auto Index Builds Backups to File System Doc-Level Concurrency Compression Storage Engine API ≤50 replicas Auditing ++ Ops Manager Intra-cluster compression Views Log Redaction Linearizable Reads Graph Processing Decimal Collations Faceted Navigation Spark Connector ++ Zones ++ Aggregation ++ Auto-balancing ++ ARM, Power, zSeries support BI Connector ++ Compass ++ Hardware Monitoring Server Pool LDAP Authorization Encrypted Backups Cloud Foundry Integration 3.4 MongoDB 3.4 – Your Database Evolved
  5. 5. #MongoDB Zones ●  Geo. distribution ●  Tiered Storage ●  Application Affinity Advanced Security ●  Native LDAP authorization ●  Read-only views for field-level security Elastic Clusters ●  Scale up and down without disruption ●  Faster auto- balance and initial sync Tunable Consistency ●  Linearizable reads ●  Maximum lag setting for secondary reads Designed for Mission Critical Applications
  6. 6. #MongoDB Default Database for Modern Applications •  Multi-model done right •  Graph Computing •  Enhanced Analytics •  Spark Connector •  Faceted Navigation •  20+ new expressions •  Decimal support •  Collations for 100+ languages MongoDB Storage Engines MongoDB Query Language (MQL) + Native Drivers WiredTiger Encrypted In-Memory Column- Oriented* LSM* Management Security MongoDB Data Models Relational Graph Key/Value Document Data Consolidation Data Analytics HTAP OLTP * Future storage engines
  7. 7. #MongoDB Modernized Tooling •  Enhancements to BI Connector •  MongoDB Compass •  Display Indexes & Query Plans •  Modify Documents •  MongoDB as a Service •  Server Pools •  Cloud Foundry Integration •  Monitoring •  Finer time granularity •  Hardware stats