MongoDB on Azure - Tips, Tricks and Examples


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MongoDB on Azure - Tips, Tricks and Examples

  1. 1. MongoDB on Azure - Tips, Tricks and Examples MongoDB world 2014 DavidMakogon,EnterpriseArchitect,Azure BrianBenz,Sr.TechnicalEvangelist,MicrosoftOpen Technologies,Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda • Azure • MongoDB Options - NoSQL on Azure IaaS, PaaS, SaaS • MongoDB on Azure • Q&A
  3. 3. Azure Flexible
  4. 4. Your Datacenter Web Sites Cloud Services Virtual Machines Microsoft Azure
  5. 5. Web SitesCloud ServicesVirtual Machines Linux / Windows VNETs / VPN Stateful OS RDP / SSH External ACL Hyper-V compatible Larger Attached Storage Multiple TCP / UDP ports Startup Scripts VNETs / VPN Stateless OS RDP External ACL Staging / Prod Larger instances Multiple TCP / UDP ports Managed OS Framework gallery Git integration Shared Disks Instant Deploy Staging / Prod Free tier Web Jobs Site Backups Managed OS
  6. 6. Which deployment model to use? Yes No Yes No Yes No
  7. 7. Azure Virtual Machines – OS Options Windows Server OpenSUSE and SUSE Enterprise CentOS Ubuntu Oracle Linux
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Docs -
  10. 10. SDKs -
  11. 11. CLIs -
  12. 12. OSS DevOps -
  13. 13. The Landscape – MongoDB on Azure MongoDB is easily installable on Linux or Windows VMs up to 112GB + 16TB attached storage Easy to ACL input traffic or just place in VNet Hosted MongoDB too - –MongoLab –MongoDB Inc.
  14. 14.  SupportandAlerts  CustomAdminTools  BackupandRecover  PerformanceAnalysis–SlowQueryAnalyzer  MonitoringandSupport
  15. 15. MongoDB
  16. 16. Replica set hosted on Azure virtual machines Replica Set DriverYour Application Replica Sets: High Availability
  17. 17. Shards, config servers and mongos (router) hosted on Azure virtual machines Key range A-D Sharding: Scalability Key range E-G Key range G-Z Your Application Mongos (router)
  18. 18. Example: Provisioning a Replica Set azure vm create mongocluster –o "vmdepot-40398-1- 1.vhd" username password -l "West US" -e 22 azure vm create mongocluster -o "vmdepot-40398-1- 1.vhd" username password -l "West US" -e 23 -c azure vm create mongocluster –o "vmdepot-40398-1- 1.vhd" username password -l "West US" -e 24 -c azure vm endpoint create mongoc9 27017 27017 azure vm endpoint create mongoc9-2 27018 27018 azure vm endpoint create mongoc9-3 27019 27019 …start mongod, initialize replica set
  19. 19. azure topic verb options Command Line Syntax Overview prompt> account account location account affinity-group vm vm disk vm endpoint vm image service service cert site config download import list show delete start restart shutdown capture create attach detach browse set username password dns-prefix vm-name lb-port target-image-name source-path disk-image-name size-in-gb thumbprint value -v -vv
  20. 20. Automation Support • • Capabilities • • • • • • Fully Customize VM with Data Disks and Endpoint Configuration • Automate Virtual Network Settings
  21. 21. Where to learn more Tutorial:Building a multi-tier cloud application onAzure using MongoLab, node.js, and Socket.IO Tutorial:Using MongoDB, Windows Communication Foundation, OData, and PowerBI to build a Business Intelligence solution onAzure MongoDB onAzure VM - Install MongoDB on a virtual machine running Windows Server inAzure: Node.js WebApplication with Storage on MongoDB (Virtual Machine): Create anAzure web site that connects to MongoDB running on a virtual machine in Azure:
  22. 22. Other Resources Microsoft OpenTechnologies Blog: VM Depot: Azure development: SDKs and Command Line Tools: AzureTraining Kit: Microsoft Web Platform Installer: Web Matrix Project Kudu
  23. 23. Q&A