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Mongo db multidc_webinar


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As we increasingly build applications to reach global audiences, the scalability and availability of your database across geographic regions becomes a critical consideration in systems selection and design.

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Mongo db multidc_webinar

  1. 1. Multi-Data Center Deployments Mat Keep MongoDB Product Team @matkeep
  2. 2. Why Multi-Data Center? Maintain Availability Customer Experience Regional Compliance
  3. 3. MongoDB Data Center Awareness • Replicate data across data centers (up to 50 in a single replica set) • Configure cross-data center write guarantees • Isolate subsets of data to specific data centers • Configure local reads and global writes • Create active/active datacenter deployments
  4. 4. Foundational Technologies
  5. 5. MongoDB Replica Sets Replica Set – 2 to 50 copies Addresses availability & user experience requirements: High Availability / Disaster Recovery Serve local reads Self-healing & Data Center Aware Configurable election policies Workload Isolation: operational & analytics
  6. 6. MongoDB Auto-Sharding Application transparent scale-out on commodity hardware Shards can be distributed across multiple data centers Three policies: hash-based, range-based, location-aware Elastic scalability & automatic balancing
  7. 7. Scaling MongoDB with ContinuousAvailability
  8. 8. MongoDB Data Center Awareness
  9. 9. Traditional Deployment: Active/Standby Data Center Business continuity: DR + Low RPO (with continuous backup & PIT Recovery) But we can do better: architecture constrained by limits of RDBMS
  10. 10. Configuring Writes Across Data Centers Write Concern Write to multiple data centers in parallel
  11. 11. Local Reads: nearest
  12. 12. Location-Aware Data Distribution 1001……1000 2001……2000 3001……3000 4001……4000 Shard Key: {regionCode} {userId} Tag= Asia: minKey to 3000 Tag= Europe: 30001 to maxKey
  13. 13. Read Locally, Write Globally Primary Secondary Secondary WEST EAST Local Reads (Eg. Read Preference = Nearest) Query Query Shard 1 PrimarySecondary Secondary Shard 2 Tag = East Tag = West PrimarySecondary Secondary Shard 3 Tag = East Update Update Collection: Users, Shard Key: {regionCode,uid} Priority=10Priority=10 Priority=10 Priority=10 Tag Start End West MinKey, MinKey 50, MaxKey East 50, MinKey MaxKey, MaxKey
  14. 14. Configuring Active/Active Data Centers Tolerates server, rack, data center failures, network partitions
  15. 15. Managing Multi-Data Center Clusters
  16. 16. Single-click (or API call) provisioning, scaling & upgrades, admin tasks Monitoring, with charts, dashboards and alerts on 100+ metrics Continuous backup, with point-in-time recovery, support for sharded clusters MongoDB Ops Manager & MMS The Best Way to Manage MongoDB In Your Data Center or in the Cloud Up to 95% Reduction in Operational Overhead
  17. 17. How MongoDB Ops Manager helps you Scale EasilyMeet SLAs Best Practices, Automated Cut Management Overhead
  18. 18. Production Deployments
  19. 19. Scaling Across Geographies 99.999% availability for image content management. Sharded across multiple data centers Location-aware sharding to distribute software updates protecting against global security threats Multi-National Banking Group Derivatives application deployed across a 110-node cluster spanning three continents, managed by Ops Manager China’s Uber. Sharded cluster over 4 data centers across Greater China, connecting drivers with passengers eCommerce product catalog scaled across continents to support global expansion and DR
  20. 20. We Can Help MongoDB Enterprise Advanced The best way to run MongoDB in your data center MongoDB Management Service (MMS) The easiest way to run MongoDB in the cloud Production Support In production and under control Development Support Let’s get you running Consulting We solve problems Training Get your teams up to speed.
  21. 21. For More Information Resource Location Case Studies Presentations Free Online Training Webinars and Events Documentation MongoDB Downloads Additional Info MongoDB Multi-Data Center Deployments Whitepaper
  22. 22. MongoDB Use Cases Single View Internet of Things Mobile Real-Time Analytics Catalog Personalization Content Management