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Java Persistence Frameworks for MongoDB


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  • Strange that you don't even give the slightest mention to DataNucleus JDO/JPA which has supported JDO/JPA persistence to MongoDB since a long time before Hibernate OGM, and supports way more features than what you present in this presentation. It's even mentioned in the MongoDB docs from what I remember ...
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Java Persistence Frameworks for MongoDB

  1. 1. MongoDB Berlin 2013:Java Persistence Frameworks for / @codecentric AG @tobiastrelle
  2. 2. Tobias Trelle - Senior IT Consultant @ codecentric AG (official 10gen partner) official - Conference talks on MongoDB - MongoDB user group Düsseldorf/Germany - Authoring a German book on MongoDBcodecentric AG
  3. 3. Where have all my tables gone … ORM is dead long live ODMcodecentric AG
  4. 4. Agenda− MongoDB Java D Driver− Spring Data MongoDB− Morphia− Hibernate OGMcodecentric AG
  5. 5. Use Casecodecentric AG
  6. 6. Mongo Java Drivercodecentric AG
  7. 7. MongoDB Drivers− One wire protocol for all client languages− A driver implementation per language− Responsibilities: − Converting language dependent data structures BSON − Generating ObjectId for _id field− Overview: AG
  8. 8. MongoDB Java Driver− One JAR w/o further dependencies ependencies: <dependency> <groupId>org.mongodb</ </groupId> <artifactId>mongo-java java-driver</artifactId> <version>2.10.0</version version> </dependency>− github: AG
  9. 9. Java Driver: Connect to MongoDBimport com.mongodb.MongoClient com.mongodb.MongoClient;// Default: localhost:27017mongo = new MongoClient();// Sharding: mongos servermongo = new MongoClient("mongos01" 4711); "mongos01",// Replica setmongo = new MongoClient(Arrays. Arrays.asList( new ServerAddress("replicant01" 10001), "replicant01", new ServerAddress("replicant02" 10002), "replicant02", new ServerAddress("replicant03" 10003) "replicant03", ));codecentric AG
  10. 10. Java Driver: Database / Collectionimport com.mongodb.DB com.mongodb.DB;import com.mongodb.DBCollection com.mongodb.DBCollection;DB db = mongo.getDB mongo.getDB("test");DBCollection collection = db.getCollection("foo"); db.getCollectioncodecentric AG
  11. 11. Java Driver: Documentsimport com.mongodb.BasicDBObject com.mongodb.BasicDBObject;import com.mongodb.DBObject com.mongodb.DBObject;// insert documentDBObject doc = new BasicDBObject();doc.put("date", new Date());doc.put("i", 42);collection.insert(doc doc);codecentric AG
  12. 12. Java Driver: Queriesimport com.mongodb.DBCursor com.mongodb.DBCursor;DBCursor cursor;cursor = collection.find(); // all documents ();// documents w/ {i: 42}cursor = collection.find( ( new BasicDBObject("i i", 42) );document =; ();...codecentric AG
  13. 13. Java Driver: Order Use CaseDB db = mongo.getDB("test");DBCollection collection = db.getCollection("order" "order");DBObject order;List<DBObject> items = new ArrayList<DBObject>(); >();DBObject item;// orderorder = new BasicDBObject();order.put("date", new Date());order.put("custInfo" , "Tobias Trelle");order.put("items", items);// itemsitem = new BasicDBObject();item.put("quantity", 1);item.put("price", 47.11);item.put("desc", "Item #1");items.add(item);item = new BasicDBObject();item.put("quantity", 2);item.put("price", 42.0);item.put("desc", "Item #2");items.add(item);collection.insert(order);codecentric AG
  14. 14. Spring Data MongoDBcodecentric AG
  15. 15. Spring Data MongoDB – Fact Sheet Vendor VMware / SpringSource License Apache License Version 2.0 License, Documentation Main Features • Repository Support • Object/Document Mapping Document • Templatingcodecentric AG
  16. 16. Spring DataCommon patterns for RDBMS and NoSQL data stores Spring Data CrudRepository PagingAndSortingRepository Spring Data Spring Data Spring Data Spring Data JPA MongoDB Neo4j … JpaRepository MongoRepository GraphRepository MongoTemplate Neo4jTemplate Embedded REST JPA Mongo Java Driver JDBC RDBMS MongoDB Neo4j …Quelle: AG
  17. 17. Spring Data MongoDBTemplating − Resource abstraction − Configure connections to mongod / mongos node(s) − Collection lifecycle ( create, drop) − Map/Reduce / AggregationObject Mapping − Annotation based: @Document, @Field, @Index etc. , − Classes are mapped to collections, Java Objects to documents ,Repository Support − Queries are derived from methods signatures − Geospatial Queriescodecentric AG
  18. 18. Spring Data MongoDB TemplateConfiguration <!-- Connection to MongoDB server -- --> <mongo:db-factory host="localhost" port port="27017" dbname="test" /> <!-- MongoDB Template --> <bean id="mongoTemplate" class=""> <constructor-arg name="mongoDbFactory ref="mongoDbFactory"/> mongoDbFactory" </bean>Usage @Autowired MongoTemplate template; template.indexOps(Location.class).ensureIndex ensureIndex( new GeospatialIndex("position") ); )codecentric AG
  19. 19. Spring Data MongoDB: Object Mappingpublic class Order { @Id private String id; private Date date; @Field("custInfo") private String customerInfo; List<Item> items; ...}public class Item { private int quantity; private double price; @Field("desc") private String description description; ...}codecentric AG
  20. 20. Spring Data MongoDB: Repository Supportpublic interface OrderRepository extends MongoRepository<Order, String> { <Order, findByItemsQuantity(int quantity); List<Order> findByItemsQuantity findByItemsPriceGreaterThan(double price); List<Order> findByItemsPriceGreaterThan}codecentric AG
  21. 21. Spring Data MongoDB: Repository Support− Main Concept: use the signature of a method to derive the query (at runtime)− Base Implementations / abstractions for − CRUD operations − Paging − Sortingcodecentric AG
  22. 22. Spring Data MongoDB: Additional Goodies− Map/Reduce / Aggregation framework− Index Management− Support for GridFS− Geopspatial indexes / queries− Optimistic Lockingcodecentric AG
  23. 23. Hibernate OGMcodecentric AG
  24. 24. Hibernate OGM MongoDB – Fact Sheet Vendor JBoss / Redhat License GNU LGPL, Version 2.1 , Documentation Main Features • JPA API (Subset Subset) • JPQL Query Languagecodecentric AG
  25. 25. Hibernate OGM− Implements JPA API (subset)− JP-QL query are translated to native QL datastore queries− Supports Infinispan, EhCache, MongoDB ,codecentric AG
  26. 26. Hibernate OGMArchitectureSource: /en-US/html/ogm-architecture.html#d0e409codecentric AG
  27. 27. Hibernate OGM MongoDB: Configuration<persistence version="2.0" …> <persistence-unit name="primary"> <provider>org.hibernate.ogm.jpa.HibernateOgmPersistence HibernateOgmPersistence</provider> <class>hibernate.Order</class> <class>hibernate.Item</class> <properties> <property name="hibernate.ogm.datastore.provider hibernate.ogm.datastore.provider" value="org.hibernate.ogm.datastore.mongodb.impl.MongoDBDatastoreProvider" "org.hibernate.ogm.datastore.mongodb.impl.MongoDBDatastoreProvider"/> <property name="hibernate.ogm.mongodb.database value=„odm"/> hibernate.ogm.mongodb.database" <property name=" value=„localhost"/>" <property name="hibernate.ogm.mongodb.port value=„27017"/> hibernate.ogm.mongodb.port" </properties> </persistence-unit></persistence>codecentric AG
  28. 28. Hibernate OGM MongoDB: Object Mapping@Entity@NamedQuery( name="byItemsQuantity", query = "SELECT o FROM Order o JOIN o.items i WHERE i.quantity = :quantity" )public class Order { @GeneratedValue(generator = "uuid") @GenericGenerator(name = "uuid", strategy = "uuid2" "uuid2") @Id private String id; private Date date; @Column(name = "custInfo") private String customerInfo customerInfo; @ElementCollection private List<Item> items;codecentric AG
  29. 29. Hibernate OGM MongoDB: Object Mapping@Embeddablepublic class Item { private int quantity; private double price; @Column(name="desc") private String description description; ...codecentric AG
  30. 30. Hibernate OGM: Summary− Very early beta− Only persist / merge / remove nly− No query support (yet) o− Uses relational APIcodecentric AG
  31. 31. Hibernate OGM: OgmEntityManagercodecentric AG
  32. 32. Morphiacodecentric AG
  33. 33. Morphia – Fact Sheet Developer Scott Hernandez, James Green License Apache License Version 2.0 License, Documentation Main Features • Object/Document Mapping Document • Custom Query API • DAO supportcodecentric AG
  34. 34. Morphia: Object Mappingpublic class Order { @Id private ObjectId id; private Date date; @Property("custInfo") private String customerInfo; @Embedded List<Item> items; ...}public class Item { private int quantity; private double price; @Property("desc") private String description description; ...}codecentric AG
  35. 35. Morphia: Queriespublic class OrderDao extends BasicDAO BasicDAO<Order, ObjectId> { List<Order> findByItemsQuantity(int quantity) { return find( createQuery().filter("items.quantity items.quantity", quantity)) .asList(); } findByItemsPriceGreaterThan(double price) { List<Order> findByItemsPriceGreaterThan return find( createQuery().field("items.price items.price").greaterThan(price) ) .asList(); } …}codecentric AG
  36. 36. Morphia: Custom query syntax – why? Morphia Mongo Query = $eq $ !=, <> $neq $ >, <, >=,<= $gt, $ $lt, $gte, $lte in, nin $in, $ $nin elem $elemMatch $ … ….codecentric AG
  37. 37. Judge yourself …Spring Data MongoDB OGM MongoDB AG
  38. 38. Which one should I use? High Abstraction Spring Data MongoDB JPA Hibernate OGM MorphiaEnterprise CustomStandard API MongoDB Java JDBC Driver Low Abstraction codecentric AG
  39. 39. German MongoDB User Groups (MUGs)MUG Düsseldorf MUG Berlin @MUGBerlinMUG Frankfurt/Main Hamburg MUG München MongoDB-User-Group/@mongomuccodecentric AG
  40. 40. QUESTIONS?Tobias Trellecodecentric AGMerscheider Str. 142699 Solingentel +49 (0) 212.233628.47fax +49 (0) 212.233628.79mail Tobias.Trelle@codecentric.detwitter AG