Java Agile ALM: OTAP and DevOps in the Cloud


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Java Agile ALM: OTAP and DevOps in the Cloud
Bas Van Oudenaarde job Technical Manager at VX Company.

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Java Agile ALM: OTAP and DevOps in the Cloud

  1. 1. Java Agile ALM:OTAP and DevOps in the CloudReleasing the Cloud potentional in Application DevelopmentBas van Oudenaarde14 dec 2012, OSC2012
  2. 2. Agenda• ‘whoami’• History, why Cloud?• Challenges• VX Factory• Development needs• Agile ALM - DevOps• Soweto SaaS case• Future / wrap up
  3. 3. Introduction• Bas van Oudenaarde• Technical Manager Enterprise Open Source Solutions / Java at VX Company• Determine roadmap for development / Consultancy• Special interest: App development, Cloud and DevOps solutions• 15 years IT experience
  4. 4. !  Wat$doen$we $ $IT$Dienstverlening$!  Sinds $ $ $1988$!  Waar $ $ $Baarn$$!  Aantal$professionals$ $200$!  Omzet$2011 $ $€$34$miljoen$!  CerEficaEe $ $ISO$9001$!  Computable:$$$‘ICTLdienstverlener$van$het$jaar’$2012$ $ $ $ $ “VX Company het bedrijf waar ik zelf graag wil werken”
  5. 5. VX Company Applicaon* Infrastructure* IT=Management* Services* Services* Services* Oracle* Service*&*Project* Microso3* Management* Java* Enterprise*OSS* Tesng*Services* Microso3* Mobile* Managed*Services* External*Resources*
  6. 6. History, why Cloud infrastructure?• Let me take you back to end 2010...• Customer request: Build an infrastructure + application which runs most of the time on 10% of the needed hardware, but could scale up when needed• BTW: How much experiences do you have? (real business, no prototypes and no toy examples, no ideas -> real proof)
  7. 7. • Big events...• Competitions betting on winner, dutch: “pooltje”• on demand infrastructure before week of event start, scale up
  8. 8. Meanwhile @VX...• Time to Market: How quick can we start with a new project?• Network capacity to Internet (more projects, more bandwidth needed)• Storage of older projects, run out of SAN every year• Flexibility, combinations of different systems / other tooling
  9. 9. Needed...• Time to market (T2M): start of new projects #hours, not #weeks!• Flexible: network constrains, firewall rules, network config• Investment (TCO): What if project is finished?• Maintenance of the Development infrastructure and tooling?• Quality of Service (QoS) improvement ? Cloud Silver Bullet ?
  10. 10. Define Cloud (computing)... “Cloud  compu*ng  is  a  model  for  enabling  convenient,  on-­‐demand             network  access  to  a  shared  pool  of  configurable  compu;ng  resources   (e.g.,  networks,  servers,  storage,  applica;ons,  and  services)  that  can  be   rapidly  provisioned  and  released  with  minimal  management  effort  or   service  provider  interac;on.  This  cloud  model  promotes  availability  and  is   composed  of  essen;al  characteris;cs,  deployment  models,  and  various   service  models.”  (according:  Na-onal  Ins-tute  of  Standards  and  Technology  (NIST))
  11. 11. Challenges... source: IBM Resource sharing, how can we control crosstalk and share on the highest possible level?
  12. 12. 5 Criteria of Cloud Computing•  On-­‐demand  self-­‐service•  Resource  pooling•  Network  access•  Scale  Up/Down  -­‐  on  demand•  Measured  Service  (e.g.  "Chargebacks")Myth  #1:        Im  hos-ng  my  instance  so  were  on  on  the  Cloud’Myth  #2:        Were  using  VMWare,  Xen,  etc.  so  were  using  the  Cloud
  13. 13. Focus• Looking for PaaS / SaaS level Cloud services - Benefit maintenance -> patches, keep up to date - Right people with expertise doing the right job• Focus on core business: Software Development
  14. 14. VXFactory in the Cloudtechnogolgy partners Controle plane hub OTAP
  15. 15. Development NeedsStep 1:Minimum foundation for controlled software development Issue Management (Jira) Document Management Configuratie Management (Confluence, wiki) (Git, SVN)Atlassian provides SaaS Solution
  16. 16. Step 2:Getting Feedback, quality check on code changes... Agile Application Lifecycle Management eco system Continuous Integration builds Continuous Quality builds Continuous Delivery ... ‘Deploy everywhere’ provides Jenkins PaaS solution -> ‘buidling’ jobs portal
  17. 17. Deployment environments... • Enterprise versions of JBoss AS (EAP) ...on premises deployments • Very rich development frameworks or hosted deployments • Easy hook in development tooling • NoSQL solution -> mongoDB ...many more possible • Mature Cloud Solutions • Many possibilities to control infrastructure • Different stacks, data solutions
  18. 18. Cloud Computing Scan Solution• Get Current• Get Cloud Ready Determine Cloud Ready status - Using decision-tree for target Cloud run-time environment - Feasible? technical / budget-wise - Taking steps: upgrade, changing interfaces• Get Cloud Managed Migrate to target Cloud - App migrations - Database migrations - Monitoring in place - Integration with development (Agile ALM)
  19. 19. Agile ALM h"p://< One small change...
  20. 20. Could have a bigger impact in the total...
  21. 21. Agile ALM-Not only on the development phase, but the on complete Application Life cycle-Small steps: control risk and complexity-Quick iterations -> Feed back to adjust plan!-Many steps will build your solution Deming circle ’50
  22. 22. One problem...
  23. 23. The ‘gray’ areaDev Ops
  24. 24. DevOps• Dev meets Ops -> See infrastructure as code treat it the same way -> Don’t lean on Ops just act, scaling is also your responsibility• Ops meet Dev -> Give a part of your control plane away: API within certain boundaries! Still in control -> More into the Cloud, we still need control: e.g. stack Paas on PaaS• Teaming to get the job done, e.g. security don’t stop at boundaries it goes from infra up to App space• Use Agile everywhere, small steps to improve (use feedback loop)
  25. 25. Measurement Real time monitoring, Running over different Clouds, Again many Cloud solutions available
  26. 26. Agile ALM / DevOps Scan Solutions• Get Current -> Scanning for improvements• Determine first steps to start with• Not a one fit all !• Not only in automation, also in processes and team spirit
  27. 27. First App through VX Factory
  28. 28. Soweto Care is about...• TODO: ... explain more of field ...• non-governmental organizations (NGOs)• Charity project developed by VX, started as desktop application - Spent a lot of time to keep it up & running due to virus, theft, lack of backups ect.• 2011 completely refactored and build with new VX Factory (ultimate test)
  29. 29. Cloud benefits for Soweto Care• Control plane let different people (on their Demand) do the job: - Business Analyst gets Acceptance Test version deploy on AWS - Business Analyst clicks at the button and deploys on production• Easy International cooperation around the globe•
  30. 30. Recap• New architectures driven by Mobile Applications• More SaaS based application, - Scaling on demand - Different data manipulation, which scales eed for NoSQL solutions - Integration in the Cloud• Cloud Solutions are out there to help! - Innovation - parallelism, scaling, T2M, TOC
  31. 31. Innovation
  32. 32. Future...• More interoperable Clouds - No more Cloud locking, especially SaaS solutions are killing - ecosystems are helping for now• Standardization Red Hat Cloudforms - Security (AuthN / AuthZ) Open Stack - Control API ...• It will be easier!
  33. 33. The End