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Exploring Public APIs with MongoDB and Analytica


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Exploring Public APIs with MongoDB and Analytica

  1. 1. Exploring Public APIs with MongoDB and Analytica Nosh Petigara @noshp
  2. 2. Today• MongoDB and public APIs• What is Analytica?• Demo – Analytica shell (twitter data) – Analytica for Excel (StackOverflow data)
  3. 3. MongoDB and public APIs• Most APIs talk JSON – MongoDB’s native JSON import• APIs vary wildly (internally and between one another) – MongoDB is schema-free• Data import is only half the battle – MongoDB’s query language and aggregation framework
  4. 4. Some data sets to explore• Twitter API (JSON) –• Crunchbase API (JSON) –• Stackoverflow (JSON and CSV) –• NYTimes (JSON, XML) –
  5. 5. Importing data sets• Streaming JSON directly into MongoDB – curl n –uUSERNAME:PASSword| ./mongoimport –d twitter –c tweets• Importing JSON files – ./mongoimport –d mydb –c mycoll file.json• CSV – ./mongoimport –d db –c coll --type csv -- headerline myfile.csv
  6. 6. Analytica• Analytics & reporting platform for MongoDB – Natively understands JSON/document hierarchy – Tailored for analytics (not querying) – Works directly on MongoDB• Discovery, analysis, visualization cycle• In private beta []
  7. 7. What can you do with Analytica?• Inspect and extract data• Augment your data model• Calculate & aggregate• Filter and transform data• Join collections
  8. 8. Demos• Today – Twitter stats [using the Analytica Shell] – Stackoverflow community analysis [using Analytica for Excel]• Not shown – REST API – Analytica web (Coming soon)
  9. 9. Demo 1: Twitter data
  10. 10. Some other examplesTweets vs. retweets count(select(twitter.tweets.where(retweet_count <> 0)))vs. repliesFollower counts max(twitter.tweets.user.followers_count)Popular hashtags set twitter.byhashtag = group( set twitter.byhashtag.tweetcount = count(tweets) set twitter.populartags = orderdesc( get twitter.populartags.text
  11. 11. Demo 2: StackOverflow User Profiles
  12. 12. Next steps• Private beta –• Get in touch – or• @analytica_inc on twitter