Welcome to MongoDB Melbourne 2012


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  • Already, thousands of organizations are using MongoDB
  • All of the companies listed here are featured in case studies & presentations on 10gen.com Content management – flexible schema, atomic updates, large object storage (gridfs) High volume data – Memory-mapped data, sharding, asynchronous writes Operational intel – Data-as-documents, query language, in-database aggregation, memory-mapped storage Product data – flexible schema, consistency, query language Social networking – flexible schema, scale out architecture, query language and indexing
  • 10gen is the company that builds and supports MongoDB
  • All of these are reasons why we bring conferences like this one to the MongoDB community, and why we are so excited to have you here todayBusiness model is to make money on support and services related to MongoDB; core product is free
  • Support and training centreFollow-the-sun support model: NYC => Sydney => DublinWe’re hiring!
  • 10gen,MongoDB, and the MongoDB community have expanded hand in hand. Not only are we excited to be able to host you at this conference, we are excited to share with you some of the growth the community has experienced over the year, made possible by community members like yourselves.
  • Note that 2012 is projected200 people attended in 2010 – this year we expect 300+
  • Includes groups that are interested in MongoDB201135 MongoDB User Groups8,000 members201268 MongoDB User Groups13,000 membersMelbourne MongoDB User Group200 members and growinghttp://meetup.com/Melbourne-MongoDB-User-Group/
  • 201110gen trained 1,000 people via in-person training2012Launched developer and DBA courses last month (you can still sign up!)20,000 enrolled
  • OpenShift – sponsor on the road with us at all of our conferences
  • Tweet, email, or take our simple survey going out in the follow up email tomorrow
  • Thank you again, we hope you are as excited to be here as we are to have you. Enjoy the conference – the first session starts in a few minutes.
  • Welcome to MongoDB Melbourne 2012

    1. 1. #MongoMelbourneWelcome to MongoDBMelbourne 2012Stephen Steneker (stennie@10gen.com)Support Engineer, 10gen Australia
    2. 2. What is MongoDB?
    3. 3. MongoDB is a ___________database• Document• Open source• High performance• Horizontally scalable• High availability• Full featured
    4. 4. Philosophy
    5. 5. 6
    6. 6. Common Use Cases• Content Management –MTV Networks, Forbes, Shutterfly• High Volume Data Feeds – ShareThis, Stripe, Wordnik• Operational Intelligence – Intuit, Buddy Media, Traackr• Product Data Management– CustomInk, Totsy• Social Networking – foursquare, DisneyMore case studies and presentations: http://www.10gen.com/use-cases
    7. 7. Who is 10gen?
    8. 8. 10gen, the MongoDB Company• We started the MongoDB project• We continue to develop MongoDB• We want to make it easy for you to learn and use MongoDB• We value the community
    9. 9. Follow the Sun Support Dublin New York Sydney
    10. 10. The MongoDBCommunity
    11. 11. Google Groups – Discussion List
    12. 12. StackOverflow – Q&A Community
    13. 13. http://mongodb.meetup.com
    14. 14. http://education.10gen.com
    15. 15. Conference Logistics
    16. 16. Morning Agenda
    17. 17. Afternoon Agenda
    18. 18. Lightning Talks• Short 2-5 min talk related to MongoDB• Slides not required ;-)• Share your tips or experiences• Get a MongoDB mug• We’d love to hear from you…
    19. 19. Wireless Access• Connect to open WiFi and select “Conference” Network: Marriot-PUBLIC Password: 10genmongo
    20. 20. Thank You to our Sponsor
    21. 21. Feedback
    22. 22. We want your feedback• #MongoMelbourne• events@10gen.com• Look for our 3 question survey in our MongoDB Melbourne follow up email
    23. 23. #MongoMelbourneThank YouStephen Steneker (stennie@10gen.com)Support Engineer, 10gen Australia