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Springhill group korean savvy the thieves review


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Springhill group korean savvy the thieves review

  1. 1. springhill groupkorean savvyKorean the Thieves will steal yourapproval : THE THIEVES REVIEW
  2. 2. The movie Thieves has a string of memorable and originalsequences in the movie that can be considered as their bestasset. The Korean film is more known as ‘thieves’ despite the titlecard clearly reading ‘The Thieves’. This movie can be consideredand best compared to its genres; it is as entertaining and asappealing.The setting was just so amusing, beginning with an outlandishSeoul art gallery robbery, followed by a complex main game in aMacau casino. The most captivating scene was the chase scenedown the side of a decaying Busan apartment building. You willbe most enthralled the series of memorable and originalsequences.
  3. 3. Although you can say that this isn’t the only one on its genre but it was noway derivative, most scenes are just truly original. And again, althoughmost reviewers are referring to the film as Korea’s Ocean’s 11, that was justmaybe to capture the gist of the whole movie because it falls under thesame genre but from the story down to the scenes are very unique.Lee Jeong-jae, from Il Mare played the role Popeye in Thieves, was thehead of the team of Korean professional criminals that robbed the artgallery. The robbery was the initial scene was entertaining andaudacious. Lee Jeong-jae had an edgy, tetchy performance that was trulybelievable. In the movie Popeye strut their stuff and provide a reason forthem to hide and risk getting involved with the dodgy Macau Park (KimYoon-seok of The Chaser) who left Popeye holding the (empty) bag manyyears before. To add the jumble Popeye also brings Pepsi (Kim Hye-soo),which not only ruffles the feathers of Anycall (Jeon Ji-hyeon), who isaccustomed to being the most attractive woman on any heist, but alsohappens to be Macau Park’s old flame.
  4. 4. When the Koreans and the Mandarin-speaking gang assembled by Macaujockey for position as the crime’s A-team the riot continues and added morespark to the film.We must pay credit for the characterization; they are distinctive enough toprevent more confusion than is actually intended even though with such awide ensemble. But the great thing about the movie is it will still keep youguessing by its tricks like who is who is easy enough to track, but withmultiple strands, operating simultaneously in the Macau casino where therobbery of the exquisitely named ‘Tear of the Sun’ diamond is to take place,who is doing what and why is somewhat trickier to absorb.Although there were also parts were the film is a bit predictable but it willstill surprise you like when the double act of Hong Kong’s Simon Yam andKim Hae-sook, who both pretend to be Japanese high rollers. The film alsoprovides emotional depth not only pure action.Thumbs up for the film, can be lined up beside Hollywood films. It wont bethe last man on the race.