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Rip-Off Report




Why buying these historic U. S. silver
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Rare Coin Rip-Off Report: Morgan Silver Dollars


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It's sad that such a beautiful piece of history has been converted into a tool by unscrupulous "rare" coin dealers to rip off America's precious metals buyers. As this totally new infographic explains below, shady marketers use deception and misinformation to unload Morgan Silver Dollars at prices WAY above their actual melt value or their resale value. It's extremely important that novice precious metals investors see this information BEFORE they get taken for a ride. Check it out...

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Rare Coin Rip-Off Report: Morgan Silver Dollars

  1. 1. RARE COIN Rip-Off Report Z&ZZQZZ2Z&Zozo0ZZQZ%ZZ2ZZ MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS Why buying these historic U. S. silver coins often ends up being a Z62Z%ZZQZZZZOZZQZ&ZZQZ6ZZ Morgan Silver Dollars were : _ minted in the late |800s & yr _- I. ‘ early |900s. They contain 90% silv‘ (the rest is copper). .4 ' Morgan Silver Dollars are considered to be semi-numismatic coins. Thanks to outrageous markups. the sell prices on Morgan Silver A number of tricks and deceptions are used to sell Morgan Silver Dollars (and Peace Silver Dollars). .. THE SILVER CONTENT Deception The silver content of a Morgan Dollar is actually just a shade over three quarters of an ounce. (.7732 troy ounces to be exact) ' Yet slick marketing materials often imply that these coins contain a full ounce of silver! ‘. v1~. '.‘, ,' » elpk rfl *. _. ,.~~’-r~, .4w*‘ J. 4 O ', T1‘, A: '«’_-~. hr : -. .. ~ SAL -~ ~ ~‘ ' . .-an l ' or any» 0 V I «an . . , _ 5. ; ~ “ , “ 3 t‘ '*$20pervo r ' E15. *’§, .', ,r. :-. §ar‘a. ‘sigh! A r r A . ¢. ' '1. ‘ . ft: € .5 A‘ . .. . -W s, avllr. - ’ from deafire «g , ‘ I u buy. . r . ., . , ; i‘ h<'#4V‘, 7 . e' 1 ’ _ -’, g -_- ~‘§_r. . - . g, ,,, ., ~-Ir . ', °. ‘F’ . . . .li$22§‘qacb. r?’ ‘-r. .-_~-- an r I-? The Morgan Silver Dollar ‘melt value at the silver price is merely $15.46! 1 What appeared to be a modest premium over melt value (of just lO%) is nearly 50% in reality. Let’s explore the buy-sell spread further. .. CONFUSION OVER Buy-Sell Spreads 35% 30% Transaction Cost N e 3% BULLION cams, ROUNDS a. BARS I (5 I88! SSSI l M562 U lrriI‘iIiii'l iirlmin raml l 534‘? Some years are more sought after than others. 1.1»: *3) 5‘; And the higher the grade or the better the condition. i(c; .;y: ’ the more desirable the coin generally is. II! ) 1, H Too many people will take a salesman's word for , j"'lL= it and end up regretting their purchase decision later. “Morgan Silver Dollars afford greater privacy or even immunity from capital gains taxes. ” Virtually all bullion purchases and most sales by individuals do not have to be reported by dealers to the government. Sellers of numismatic or semi- numismatic coins have the same obligation as bullion sellers to report gains “voluntarily” on their tax returns. There aren’t many forms of silver that “rare" coin dealers can make significant profits on. 4', ’ . SIOULD YOU BUY Morgan Silver Dollars? Presented by MONEY METALS EXCHANGE" Discreet. Cost-Effective. Beginner-Friendly. Secure. www. MoneyMetaIs. com