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T0 p 21 free ways to build backlinks to


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T0 p 21 free ways to build backlinks to

  2. 2. Internal links Internal links from one blog post to the another blog poston your site also count as backlinks. Each time you write apost try and bacKlink to a previous post. This way you arealso adding another backlink .Plus you are enticing yourvisitors to see some of your other previous posts.
  3. 3. Check Competitors BacklinksCheckout what your competitors are doing toget good ideas for backlinks. You can use OpenSite Explorer, an excellent backlink toolcreated by the knowledgeable folks at SEOmoz.With the free version you can check wherelinks are coming from.
  4. 4. Use Embeddable Images/WidgetInfo graphics with embeddable inputs help build manybacklinks because people are much more likely toshare a pretty info graphic or an interesting widget thanthey are to just link to a random website. If you can givethem something to share, they wont mind usingyour predefined HTML and including your backlink.
  5. 5. Submit your Software to Freeware or Shareware sitesSearch engines love freeware and shareware sites and submitting your softwareto these sites is a great way to obtain backlinks to your site and boost traffic.What if you dont have a software?You can always convert ebooks or article into a .exe and submit the PAD(PortableApplication Description; it helps authors provide product descriptions andspecifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data formatthat will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings.PAD saves time for both shareware authors and webmasters. ) file to these sites.
  6. 6. Guest Book Commenting This is another way of gettingbacklink from sources that most ofyour competitors do not know exists.
  7. 7. Do-follow ListSpend some minutes everyday commenting onDo-follow blogs and you are in for some qualitytargeted backlinks. This takes a lot of time thoughbecause you have to read the blog post, sparksome conversation, and appear natural. It isworth the effort though!
  8. 8. Sell Wordpress ThemesGiving away wordpress themes with footer linkingback to your site creates great backlinks for youbut what if you sell them? You get the link and thecash. Besides, selling your wordpress theme insteadof giving it away increases its perceived value.
  9. 9. Blog CommentingCommenting on other blogs may notprovide much direct search engine value.However, if your comments areuseful,relevant and insightful,they candrive direct traffic to your site.They alsohelp other bloggers aware of you,andthey may start reading your blog orlinking to it.
  10. 10. Write Testimonials for OthersWrite a great testimonial for aservice or product you have used.This can get you a link from a veryauthoritative site and has a bigchance of driving you a load oftraffic.
  11. 11. Forum PostingsMost forums allow members toleave signature links or personalprofile links.If you make qualitycontributions some people willfollow these links & potentiallyreach your site,link to your siteand/or buy your products.
  12. 12. Make Use of TorrentsThis is a similar idea to submitting your report orarticles but this time you give them away via Torrent.You get a link on the Torrent search engines descriptionarea. One example of a Torrent site is Fenopy.
  13. 13. Petition Create a Petition related to your niche andintroduce yourself with a linkto your blog. Here are some petition sites youcan use: ipetitions, Gopetitions,Petitionthem.
  14. 14. Link TradingSwap some links with relevant partners on a smallscale. When swapping links, try to get links fromwithin the content of relevant content pages. Do nottry to get links from pages that list hundreds of offtopic link partners. Only seek link exchanges thatyou would pursue if search engines where not toexist. Instead of thinking just about your topic whenexchanging links, think about demographic audiencesets.Stay away from link trading hubs and networks.
  15. 15. Using Videos Creating videos is another easy way to create abacklink.For the camera shy,you can always make use ofCamtasia or powerpoint to create professional videos.Here are some video submission sites you can use: Dailymotion - upload your own video and get a link inthe profile page; Videojug - upload how-to videos; Viddler - you get a link on each video you submit.
  16. 16. RSS FeedIf you publish an RSS feed and yourcontent is regularly updated and useful,some people will syndicate your RSScontent and some of those will provide .links
  17. 17. Giveaway Your DocumentsSubmit your contents or articles as documentson document submission sites and get awaywith a link. You can also submit a free reportyou already have; no duplicate content issue.Here is a list of document submission sites:Scribd , Issuu, Docstoc.
  18. 18. Guest BloggingThis involves you writing a guest post onanother bloggers website.You can use this service,to reach a newaudience,build your brand,network,buildlinks to your site etc. through guestblogging.
  19. 19. HubpagesWrite a good quality article and post it inHubpages. However, you need tohave a very good article for the moderators atHubpages to do-follow your links becausetheyll look critically at your article to decide ifit is worth do-following your links.
  20. 20. Contribute Content on SquidooYou can get some really quality backlinksand quality traffic by postingon
  21. 21. Hold a ContestContests attract backlinks. A few hundreddollars prize can result in thousands ofdollars worth of quality backlinks