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Shaping Sheet Lester 2012


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Shaping Sheet Lester 2012

  1. 1. Name_____________________________________________________Date_____________________Period_________ Shaping Sheet IntroductionAre there more benefits than downsides in joining the military?I believe that military has way more benefits than downsides. I believe that people criticize the militaryexcessively. Each person who joins the military learns a variety of values. All soldiers get an assortment ofbenefits. Not only does the G.I.s get benefits but also their families get some benefits as well. 11;IDefineTopic Sentence 1: Lots of people learn a couple of values as they get older or from a few experiences. Everyone whojoins the military learns values like loyalty, duty, respect, integrity, and courage.Loyalty means faithfulness or dependability to a commitment. A loyal soldier is one who listens and follows theleadership and stands up for and sticks together with fellow soldiers. A soldier doing his part in a mission oroperation, he is loyal to his unit, government, country, and people.Duty means the binding force of something that or something that is expected of, someone to do because it ismorally right. By putting on the uniform when required to or following orders, a soldier is doing his duty as anindividual in the military. But doing his duty means more than carrying out his assigned tasks. It is to help out fellowsoldiers who are in need by telling them advice and giving them choices for them to choose. It is to help hiscommunity and country. I believe that duty is to do something voluntarily that is morally right.Respect means a sense of worth or excellence of a person, personal trait, or ability. Everyone knows the saying,“Treat people as they should be treated.” But in soldiers’ terms, it is “Treat others with dignity and respect whileexpecting others to do the same.” Respect is letting people know that someone acknowledges them and admiresthem. Self-respect is essential in everything. It lets one feel confidence and motivation in oneself.Integrity means the devotion to moral principles. A true soldier does what is morally right. A soldier who has a lot ofintegrity never deceives others for personal gain. A soldier can strengthen his relationships with his friends, family,and co-workers.Courage means the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, adversity, or pain withoutfear. The military risks their lives every day by just going to work but they will not quit. They will keep going becausethey have courage. Facing fear of adversity is a long, slow process but the feeling of accomplishment and doing theright thing is always sweeter.Name_____________________________________________________Date_____________________Period_________military will last them a lifetime and they will always be usefulThe values and experiences that a soldier learns in thein every day or in every situation. Shaping Sheet
  2. 2. Body Paragraph 2I advise everyone, who has a bad job or can not find a job, to go to their local recruiter and talk about their manyoptions in the military or go to college and minor in ROTC so one can be an officer. Other than the intangible benefits,there are still perceptible benefits.The average civilian, who works one job forty-two hours a week on minimum wage, makes about one thousand, fourhundred a month. An active duty G.I., who just got out of boot camp and has the rank of E-1, makes about twothousand seven hundred dollars a month. Someone who just finished boot camp already makes about twice thansomeone on minimum wage. (According to’s Pay Calculator.) The next promotion is only eight or ninemonths away and then they get paid about three thousand, three hundred a month. Some people have to wait yearsuntil they get a promotion or bonus. Not the military. There are still the tons of options to get more money like StaffAssisting, Special Operations, or etc. Anyone can still go to school and be in the military. Most branches have a Reserves Program so they can still servetheir country, go to college, and get paid. There is also the R.O.T.C. program in college. R.O.T.C. is a college program inwhich one learns how to be leader and undergo many obstacles. After graduation, one will be an active duty officer.If someone enlists and decides to go to straight to boot camp, there is still a way one can get education benefits.Someone can get free college tuition. It is called the G.I. Bill. As one spends more time in active duty, they gain moreand more college tuition. After someone retires or goes to the Reserves, they can go to college for free depending onhow much G.I. Credits they have.The military is committed to welfare of every soldier. As a soldier, everyone is entitled to an automatic life insurance.TRICARE, a G.I. health insurance, gives every soldier medical care and dental care that costs little to nothing. A soldier’slife insurance coverage is available in ten thousand dollar increments up to a maximum of four hundred thousand.There is also a premium life insurance which is seven cents per one thousand dollars of insurance. A soldier also getsthirty days of vacation every year.This is addition to the experiences and memories they will have while they are on active duty. Name_____________________________________________________Date_____ ________________Period_________ Shaping Sheet
  3. 3. Body Paragraph 3Everyone worries that the military life will affect their family dramatically. The military has several programs that willtake of their family.Military families will also receive a big portion of a soldier’s life insurance and health insurance. Their spouses canalso have jobs on the base.The military has a wide variety of support groups ranging from spouse separation to substance abuse to children withdisabilities. All of them open to all soldiers and their families. The Mobilization and Deployment Support Programoffers classes for soldiers and their families to help aid them in personal family situations or communication. Themilitary has a Relocation Assistance Program. The military will help soldiers and their family move to any base thatthey are relocated to. All military families are highly encouraged to join Family Readiness groups.All military bases have a Legal Assistance Center. They have free walk in services. They help soldiers and their familywith personal legal matters, review contracts and leases, and prepare wills and other legal documents.Child and Youth services provide affordable child-care programs to all military children. The military offers full daycare services to children of the age of six weeks to five years. For children, who are older, they offer children care inmilitary quarters watched and entertained by Military soldiers or civilians, who live on the base and volunteer. Thereis free schooling inside every base. During the teen years, the military offer the children extra activities, which areexclusive only to military bases. These extra activities teach them life skills and leadership while providing a challenge.The same programs one can find at a public school, one can also find at a base school. There is free walk-incounseling to the children open to them twenty-four seven. Everyone should join the military. If not, they will regret it. They will have to learn the values and the experiences the hard way and they will have to take unnecessary damage. If someone is a hard working American, they do not need to be. They could just join the military and get way more pay and benefits than their jobs could ever give. The military will always take care of the families of soldiers. Now knowing all of this, what are you going to do? Go find Name_____________________________________________________Date_____ your local recruiter and talk about your options in the military. Join today. ________________Period_________ Shaping Sheet Concluding Paragraph