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Website Testing Wins!


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Lift sales by an average of 22% by stealing A/B testing ideas from this inspirational webinar.

Justin Rondeau, Editor of WhichTestWon, will reveal results data from 12 real-life tests conducted by ecommerce, travel and financial services marketers. He will also include ideas for improving your homepage, site search, cart, landing pages, and of course, buttons. Plus, Monetate’s Marketing Manager Peter Borden will share best practices in delivering more relevance to your visitors and running more simultaneous tests across your entire website.

You’ll get practical specifics on running tests that really move the needle, and plenty of ideas you can apply to your website and landing pages right away. Register for “Website Testing Wins” and be on your way to becoming a testing champion!


• Justin Rondeau, Editor, Which Test Won
• Peter Borden, Marketing Manager, Monetate

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Website Testing Wins!

  1. 1. Website  Tes)ng  Wins  October  10,  2012  -­‐  2:00  pm  ET   Follow  @monetate  on     #websitetes0ngwins  
  2. 2. Tips  for  Webinar  A8endees  •  Audio  problems?  Click  the  “Problem  Dialing  In”  link  or  switch  to  the  webinar  phone  bridge  and  make  sure  your  phone  is  muted.    •  Use  the  “Ques0on”  box  within  GoToWebinar  to  ask  a  ques0on  or  use  the  webinar  hashtag  #websitetes0ngwins    •  A  recording  of  the  webinar  with  the  slide  deck  will  be  available  at  within  1  or  2  business  days.   #websitetes0ngwins  
  3. 3. Today’s  Presenters   Jus0n  Rondeau   Chief  Tes0ng  Evangelist  &  Editor   WhichTestWon           Peter  Borden   Marke0ng  Manager   Monetate   #websitetes0ngwins  
  4. 4. Website  Tes)ng  Wins  Jus)n  Rondeau  Chief  Tes0ng  Evangelist  &  Editor  WhichTestWon   #websitetes0ngwins  
  5. 5. Industry Analyst & Hands onTrainer©2012, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. #websitetes0ngwins  
  6. 6. Case  Study  #1:  Apparel  Category  Page  Image      ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  7. 7. Winner   Results:  44%  Lia  in   Purchases  &    67%  Lia   in  RPV     Brand:     Lesson:  Test  Your   Category  Page   Images  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  8. 8. Case  Study  #2:  Category  Page  Display  Test   Default  10  Items   Default  50  Items  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  9. 9. Winner!   Default  50  Items   Results:  35%  Lia  in   Purchases     Brand:  Palmers     Lesson:  Default   Sehngs  Aren’t   Necessarily  Op0mal   Sehngs  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  10. 10. Case  Study  #3:  Geoloca)on  Test  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  11. 11. Winner   Results:  2.43%  Increase   in  Sales     Brand:  KarmaLoop  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  12. 12. Case  Study  #4:  Cart  BuOon  Copy    ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  13. 13. Winner   87.5%  Lia  in  Completed   Form  Submissions  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  14. 14. Case  Study  #5:  Search  BuOon  Placement  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  15. 15. Winner   Results:  12%  Lia  in  Sales  contribu0ng   to  a  2.3  Million  lia  in  annual  revenue     Brand:  Mountain  Equipment  Co-­‐op  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  16. 16. Case  Study  #6:  Travel  Search  Results    ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  17. 17. Winner!   Results:  16.36%  Lia  in  Paid   Bookings     Brand:  KRAS  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  18. 18. Case  Study  #7:  Product  Page  Test  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  19. 19. Winner   None!  Surprised?  Winner?   Results:  No  Sta0s0cally   Significant  Difference     Brand:  Design3000  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  20. 20. Our  Intui)on  is  Poor  “Neplix  considers  90%  of  what  they  try  to  be  wrong”  -­‐-­‐  Mike  Moran   “80%  of  the  0me  you/we  are  wrong  about  what  a   customer  wants”    -­‐-­‐  Avinash  Kaushik  Microsoa’s  sta0s0c  from  thousands  of  controlled  experiments:  only  10-­‐30%  of  experiments  move  the  metrics  they  were  designed  to  improve  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  21. 21. Case  Study  #8:  Security  Indicia  Test  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  22. 22. Winner   Results:   1%  Lia  in  Sales       Big  Win  Save  on   Cost  for  Security   Icons    ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  23. 23. Case  Study  #9:  Copy  Test    ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  24. 24. Closer  Look  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  25. 25. Winner   Seasonal  Test  –  Focused   On  Sales  for  the  Holidays     Simple  Copy  –  Highligh0ng   The  benefit  of  the  product     Simple  to  Implement  with   Sizeable  Lia   18.7%  Lia  in  Sales  from     Nov  22nd  –  Dec  15th     60.7%  Increase    from     Dec  16th  to  Dec  23rd  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  26. 26. Case  Study  #10:  PPC  Landing  Page  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  27. 27. Winner   Lia  –  74%  Lia  in  Completed  Car   Rentals     Reminder  –  Use  Landing  Pages   &  Keep  Message  Consistent  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.    
  28. 28. Case  Study  #11:  Product  of  the  Week  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.       #websitetes0ngwins  
  29. 29. Winner   Results:  3.6%  Lia  in  RPV     Brand:  3Suisses     Lesson:  Cross  Sells  must  be   relevant  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  30. 30. Case  Study  #12:  Landing  Page  Cross  Sell  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  31. 31. Winner   Results:  Significant  Lia   in  Sales  (asked  not  to   disclose)     Brand:  BestStunGun     Lesson:  Less  expensive   cross  sells  can  ease   s0cker  shock  ©2012,  a  division  of  Anne  Holland  Ventures  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.     #websitetes0ngwins  
  32. 32. Thank  You  Jus)n  Rondeau  Chief  Tes0ng  Evangelist  &  Editor  WhichTestWon   #websitetes0ngwins  
  33. 33. Website  Tes)ng  Wins  Peter  Borden  Marke0ng  Manager  @Monetate   #websitetes0ngwins  
  34. 34. #websitetes0ngwins  
  35. 35. #websitetes0ngwins  
  36. 36. #websitetes0ngwins  
  37. 37. #websitetes0ngwins  
  38. 38. #websitetes0ngwins  
  39. 39. #websitetes0ngwins  
  40. 40. #websitetes0ngwins  
  41. 41. #websitetes0ngwins  
  42. 42. #websitetes0ngwins  
  43. 43. #websitetes0ngwins  
  44. 44. #websitetes0ngwins  
  45. 45. #websitetes0ngwins  
  46. 46. Thank  You  Peter  Borden  Marke0ng  Manager  @Monetate   #websitetes0ngwins  
  47. 47. Website  Tes)ng  Wins  Ques)ons  &  Answers   #websitetes0ngwins