Revzilla Customer Story


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Revzilla Customer Story

  1. 1. customer story:Accelerating thecustomer experience a publication from
  2. 2. accelerating the customer experience About RevZilla RevZilla Motorsports is a hard-charging, Philadelphia-based retailer that caters to Motorcycle, Dirtbike and ATV enthusiasts by offering thousands of hard-to-find technical and lifestyle products. A core team of riders founded RevZilla in 2007 out of a desire to bring the best possible shopping experience to any enthusiast, in-store or online. Today, RevZilla’s founders still play a very active role in everything from product selection and testing, to answering customer calls and producing the company’s popular video reviews. By coupling a fair and straight-forward customer-centric approach with superior technology and innovation at, the company has become a driving force and authority within its realm of online retail. a monetate customer story | 2
  3. 3. accelerating the customer experience Monetate allows me to focus full time on content and message quality, instead of splitting my focus with implementation strategy. - Anthony Bucci, Co-Founder a monetate customer story | 3
  4. 4. accelerating the customer experience We sat down with Anthony Bucci of Revzilla to talk about how this online retailer uses Monetate. How does use Monetate? At we are laser-focused on making our site the best Monetate was also very easy for us to implement on It’s a possible customer experience. Because Monetate allows us to put the well-designed and intuitive system. There are many things that we do right messaging in front of each person at the right time, based on a with Monetate on our own, but we also take advantage of Monetate’s mix of customer-centric factors, it has been a huge help in achieving Service Group to create and drive campaigns for us. The mix of turnkey and maintaining that focus. Monetate-driven campaigns and internally executed campaigns has proved to be the most effective strategy for us to date. Something we were immediately excited about with Monetate was the ease of international targeting. is licensed to ship to some Monetate has also been a great way for to easily–and countries but not others, and there are also some constraints on the measurably–implement ideas on the site, then quickly quantify their brands we ship internationally. performance. We love the ability to toggle campaigns on the fly, depending on results and reporting. Monetate is brilliant in this situation because it gives us the ability to tailor our message at the country level, and even make that message Leveraging Monetate’s platform certainly beats risking internal brand or locale specific. The results have been excellent and the impact resources on building custom architecture only to find the return on on our bottom line has been very positive. investment is nominal. a monetate customer story | 4
  5. 5. accelerating the customer experience What do you like most about Monetate? International Targeting I spearhead marketing and creative at so I love the fact that Monetate allows me to focus full time on content and message quality, instead of splitting my focus with implementation strategy. And the lack of any IT overhead with Monetate removes a major limiting factor from my to-do list. has a very diverse core customer base which varies by riding style, age group, and other unique factors. Monetate lets us speak to all of those riders in ways that are relevant to them, either through a vernacular to which they can relate or through the brands they are currently researching or to which they have previously been loyal. a monetate customer story | 5
  6. 6. accelerating the customer experience Any final thoughts? Using Monetate means our time to market around site changes and messaging modifications is lightning fast compared to an in-house implementation. We built to inherently be more agile than the average online retailer, but the added boost to deployment through Monetate continues to be a win for us. Monetate has also been a great way for to easily—and measurably— implement ideas on the site, then quickly quantify their performance. - Anthony Bucci, Co-Founder a monetate customer story | 6
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