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Inbound Marketing Consistency: Maintain The Scent Trail


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Whether your customers enter your website from Facebook, search, email, display or another inbound marketing channel, your goal is to keep them there and likely get them to complete a conversion goal. This webinar will explore successful tactics online marketers are using to create relevant customer experiences that extend beyond the landing page to the entire website visit and even subsequent visits.

Nathan Richter, Monetate's Strategic Services Director, recently presented during a ClickZ webinar along with Tim Ash from SiteTuners. You can view the entire webinar at

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Inbound Marketing Consistency: Maintain The Scent Trail

  1. 1. Inbound MarketingConsistency:Maintain the Scent TrailNathan RichterStrategic Services DirectorJuly 25, 2012 #inboundwebinar
  2. 2. who we are@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  3. 3. how many campaigns we run 21,321 campaigns launched in 2011 ...and that doesn t include splits!@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  4. 4. who are your customers?@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  5. 5. the prep lurks in every segment, of every metric. Start with high-volume or high-value segments. Inbound Visitor Profile Search keyword/term, Visitor brand affinity, prior search engine, social referrer purchase history, preferences, etc. Customer Groups Time Affinity, preferences, When do they visit, when do they multi-channel, member research Behavior Geography Visitor recency, frequency, Geo location of visitor, location of site interaction nearest store, nearest distribution center@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  6. 6. personalize the site experience Customer Profile Site Content Keyword@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  7. 7. assessing your opportunity Resources Available Business Unit Support • Testing tool(s) • Merchandising • Platform capabilities • Creative/Design • People power • IT/Development • Promotions? • Analytics@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  8. 8. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  9. 9. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  10. 10. Gear - Official Site 100’s of waterproof jackets in stock FREE shipping on all orders over $60@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  11. 11. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  12. 12. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  13. 13. Value prop echo@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  14. 14. relevant hero image@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  15. 15. Smart Merchandising@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  16. 16. merchandising support waterprroof waterprroof@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  17. 17. message consistencyAverage conversion improvement range 5% to 20% (as high as 100%) 1. Copy 100’s of Waterproof Jackets in stock FREE Shipping on all orders over $60 2. Images 3. Product@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  18. 18. power in the offer@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  19. 19. Free Shipping On Orders Over $50! *Details@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  20. 20. Free Shipping On All Orders - No Minimum *Details@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  21. 21. promotion promotionAverage conversion improvement range 25% to 40% (as high as 150%) Free Shipping 1. Natural - lower acquisition cost On All Orders - No Minimum *Details 2. Paid - part of ROI analysis Free Shipping On Orders Over $50! *Details@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  22. 22. think local@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  23. 23. local relevance 100’s de chaquetas impermeables en el envío de archivo LIBRE de todos los pedidos de más de $ 60@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  24. 24. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  25. 25. Use Visitor Location to Your Advantage Geo-targeting = conversion improvement as high as 100%@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  26. 26. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  27. 27. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  28. 28. Make it a Landing Session@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  29. 29. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  30. 30. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  31. 31. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  32. 32. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  33. 33. @Monetate #inboundwebinar
  34. 34. what makes a session?@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  35. 35. understand the buying lifecyle Not all purchases happen in the same visit. Expand your message to the relevant buying lifecycle. Are there transition messages to convey within that process?@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  36. 36. tactics to improve consistency Message, Image, Merchandise... Average conversion improvement = 5% to 20% Product Badging Up to 55% conversion impact Promotional Testing Up to 150% conversion improvement International / Geo-Target Messaging Up to 100% conversion impact Think Beyond the Landing Page Priceless!@Monetate #inboundwebinar
  37. 37. thank you! Valuable case studies, eBooks, white papers, webinars, infographics and more! Email: #inboundwebinar