Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-Wide Relevancy


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Learn how one online retailer was able to generate huge lifts in conversion and AOV thanks to its online marketing agency and relevant on-site messaging for paid search visitors.

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Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-Wide Relevancy

  1. 1. case study:Boosting Inbound MarketingPerformance with Site-wideRelevancy a publication from
  2. 2. Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-wide Relevancy When it comes to paid search advertising, it’s not the clicks, it’s the cash. As a result of the close working relationship between Freshpair and the agency, Vincodo has developed a thorough knowledge of the marketing “We can help our clients drive all the paid search traffic in the world to tools Freshpair uses, while understanding what Freshpair clients and their websites,” says Tim Daly, CEO of Vincodo. “But if that traffic doesn’t prospects want. convert, we’re not going be anyone’s agency for long.” Freshpair, an ecommerce company offering a vast array of underwear, intimates, and other products, uses Vincodo to enhance paid search results. “As our agency, Vincodo helps with our tactical paid search efforts, managing bids and setting up campaigns in AdWords and Bing, as well as providing more high-level strategy,” says Kaitlin Moughty, Director of Marketing at Freshpair. “As our relationship with Vincodo has evolved, we’ve looked at more strategic initiatives outside of paid search, focusing on all of our acquisition efforts as well.” Vincodo considers itself a little bit different than a typical marketing agency that provides online marketing strategies and services. The company touts 100% transparency and control to all of its clients, taking a holistic approach that ensures all channels are performing. “We know paid search is a secondary marketing channel,” says Daly. “In reality, no agency can create a search request. The consumer creates that. Paid search is just the channel in which they act, and we’re there to make sure our clients capture orders within that channel.” a monetate case study | 2
  3. 3. Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-wide Relevancy A Website Redesign Impacts Paid Search Recently, Freshpair underwent a website redesign. The goal of the project Typically, Monetate was used to to reinforce campaigns once a customer was to create a website that differentiated the company from mass online clicked the ad and arrived on Since there are ad copy marketplaces, like Amazon, and offered visitors a personalized, memorable character limitations for paid search, Freshpair and Vincodo typically focus shopping experience that would keep them coming back. the message on a more creative description. While the goals of the redesign were in line with Freshpair’s new vision, “We’ve found in the past that the most effective paid search strategy for the launch of the new website required the company to turn off Monetate this type of offer is to promote only one of the tiers,” says Perez. “Then, for about three weeks. As a longtime Monetate client, Freshpair wanted once a visitor gets to the website, they are greeted with the full promo to continue using Monetate’s solutions on its redesigned website details. They get a pleasant surprise when they reach the landing page and immediately, but it was a recommended best practice to wait until all of find a qualifying tier that meets their spending needs, giving them a great the new code was live. deal no matter which promotional tier they choose.” There was a drastic impact on paid search performance, particularly for one major Freshpair campaign, while Monetate wasn’t active on the website. The deal: Visitors received $10 off $60 orders, $20 off $100 orders, From a paid search perspective, the most or $50 off $200 orders. The promotion typically got a huge response, but important thing here is that Monetate results were poor for the first week of the ad campaign without Monetate. helps us preserve relevancy for visitors. “Overall sales during the promo period were down compared to prior - Tim Daly, CEO, Vincodo sitewide sales and the offer code redemption rate was down 50% over the year prior,” says Jenny Perez, Freshpair’s Acquisition Marketing Manager. “We saw a decline in our add-to-cart rate, conversion and other metrics. But paid search was one of our hardest-hit marketing channels. And we knew why.” a monetate case study | 3
  4. 4. Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-wide Relevancy A Monetate-powered global header image on landing pages would “Without Monetate, it’s just too hard to spread the entire message about be displayed throughout the user session, reinforcing the offer and an offer like this. Putting this campaign into IT development would have promoting all tiers of the promotion. Without that global header active, taken 90 days of planning,” says Daly. “A campaign like this would take an Freshpair wasn’t able to explain the full details of the campaign (including entire IT department away from doing more important things.” the promo code to be entered at checkout), or target the offer to visitors Freshpair believes visitors were confused when they reached a landing who landed on specific item pages or lower-level category pages. page and didn’t see more information about the promotion. In fact, as Instead, the only traffic that received the full offer details were those visitors the promotion continued to underperform, the retailer also saw a spike in who landed on the homepage, women’s page, and men’s page. In order to customer service volume with visitors having many more questions about provide full promo details for all other visitors, the Freshpair team would the deal. have had to create dozens of individual landing pages, a time-consuming Halfway through the promo, Monetate was turned back on, and Freshpair project; or create one generic landing page, which would have decreased was able to launch the global header for the campaign. the relevancy that paid search provides since it enables companies to target at a very granular level based on specific searches. a monetate case study | 4
  5. 5. Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-wide Relevancy Campaign Relevancy Delivers Incredible Results Instead of being directed to general pages that didn’t echo and expand on “Turning Monetate back on boosted these key performance indicators the paid search ad copy they had just clicked on, paid search visitors were significantly,” says Perez. “While Monetate was turned off, we had to work once again greeted with a global banner that showed the full campaign the offer details into the website experience in other ways that just weren’t info, including all tiers of the offer and the promo code. In addition, that as effective. Once we were able to put the full details of the offer before global banner followed visitors throughout their time on the Freshpair our visitors in a consistent manner, they actually spent more.” website, reminding them about the offer. Vincodo agrees, since paid search visitors are more demanding than most With Monetate back in place, the campaign instantly started performing. when it comes to their website experience once they hit the landing page. “The minute Monetate was turned back on, it was like CHA-CHING,” says Daly. “The difference was like night and day. Promo codes were being redeemed at an insane rate, and that paid search campaign was practically Without Monetate, it’s just too hard to spread the printing money. We immediately had to adjust our bidding strategy.” entire message about an offer like this. Putting Comparing the performance of the campaign over the same five-day span this campaign into IT development would from a week earlier, there was a jaw-dropping 85% increase in sales related have taken 90 days of planning. A campaign to promo code redemption for the campaign, a 7% increase in average like this would take an entire IT department order value, and sales almost doubled. In addition, customer service away from doing more important things. volumes immediately decreased. - Tim Daly, CEO, Vincodo And Freshpair knows why. a monetate case study | 5
  6. 6. Boosting Inbound Marketing Performance with Site-wide Relevancy “Let’s say a visitor clicks on a paid search ad promoting 2(x)ist boxers, and they get to a landing page and don’t see any 2(x)ist boxers,” says Daly. “They’re going to leave. Another website is only a click away, and if you can’t show visitors what they came to the website for, they’re gone.” For visitors, that’s exactly why the three-tiered campaign wasn’t performing while Monetate was turned off. “From a paid search perspective, the most important thing here is that Monetate helps us preserve relevancy for visitors,” says Daly. “Without Monetate, it was a one-size-fits all experience on the landing page that only offered a modicum of relevancy. In the paid search world, that just doesn’t work.” As Freshpair continues to leverage its successful paid search strategy for customers and prospects, the company is happy to use both Vincodo and Monetate to drive visitor satisfaction, customer acquisition, and revenue. “For our paid search program, it comes down to knowing what our visitors and customers want,” says Perez. “With the help of Vincodo and Monetate, we’re delivering that experience to drive great results.” a monetate case study | 6
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