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Episode 3...fs..

  1. 1. Field Study 3 Episode 3SEE AND SAY (Utilization of Teaching Aids)Group members: Charlene Atig EllvinePiaBonocan Annie Rose Calumpang Roxanne dela Cruz Ms. Ivy Claire V. Mordeno instructorUTILIZATION OF TEACHING AIDS FORM
  2. 2. Grade or Year Level of Class Observed:Date of Observation:Subject Matter: The Components of Physical FitnessBrief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher:Direct instruction- a lecturing method of teaching because it can cover large amount of materialsin a short period of time.Teaching Aids used Strengths Weaknesses Comments on Appropriateness of the Teaching Aids used Chalk board Used as a medium for It does not provide a The chalk board is often verbal permanent record neglected and it does not communication get the proper care it It is economical and deserves. reusable Handouts Aid learning and This is a role of no Using handouts or not is increase attention confidence in an act management not and motivation and students note taking, simply help students to some of them may of information-giving follow the feel cheated because development of idea. they took notes unnecessarily. Books Could be react for Dependent about the books are effective to instruction, ideas that is written in use as an instructional recreation or the book tool because it makes entertainment students to think and understand clearly about the lesson White board Easier to hold and The white board is effective to use does not generate background can cause because it does not dust problems to those generate dust that comes with vision from using and erasing impairment chalksYour Analysis
  3. 3. 1. What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that she/he used? 2. What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed? 3. Over-all, were the learning resources /materials used effectively? Why ? Why not? Charlene Atig Technology is a tool for a meaningful learning. During our observation in a particular class a teacher used chalk board during her presentation of lessons. I think teacher prompted to choose the materials/learning resources that she used was it’s because she conceived that those aids was effective and suit to her students’ needs of learning. And in other cares, maybe a teacher can’t use a power point presentation it’s because there is no availability or lack of computersthose instructional materials that can be used in teaching. A teacher should facilitate evaluative process by focusing students’ attention in the effectiveness, efficiency of instructional materials. Teacher experienced the difficulty especially students showing restlessness or boredom to the presentation. So, it is often helpful for a teacher to shoe genuine interest to the students. Or if not, she need to change her strategies in teaching, aside from using visual aid, it’s better to use power point presentation because it attracts students look and attention. I can’t say that all those learning resources/materials were effective in used to the students. Teacher was still need to adjust her plans to match the changing interest and needs of the learners. During the discussion, students show boredom about the presentation of the lesson because visual aid for me describe as a dry tool to be used to the learners. Maybe, until now, that aid is effective to some but using technology can create a meaningful learning that transmits students effectively. It is much better to use power point to present well the lessons clearly including some examples especially pictures.EllvinePiaBonocan
  4. 4. During our observation, the instructional materials that were used by theteacher were chalkboard, whiteboard, handouts, and books. The very commonteaching aids used in classroom. I think the teacher used those instructionalmaterials because she thought that it would be more effective to use those thingsor strategies. Maybe she still not used to a power point presentation. At the time that we observed, the students were reporting about aparticular topic given by their teacher. I think the difficulties that the teacherexperienced were: she can’t manage the class and the way her students behavedwhile having a reporting because some were texting and some were chatting withtheir classmates. I guess,for the teacher to manage those unnecessary things doneby her students during the reporting would become lessen if only if she will giveher full attention to her students and telling the students to listen and stop doingsomething while the reporting is still going on. The learning resources were somehow not effective because for me usingthat instructional materials nowadays is dry and boring to look at. The studentswon’t focus on the report because they’ll feel bored looking the same things used inreporting. There is a need to enhance the ways or strategies that the teacherapplied. She must tell her students to used power point in their report so that theclass would be lively and they will focus in the reporting. There will be moreinteraction between teacher and students. To also developed student’sparticipation in class activities for that matter.Annie Rose Calumpang
  5. 5. At this time and age, teachers have a wide a choices on what instructionalmaterials to use. However, when I visited the classroom and observed whatinstructional materials or teaching aids that is used by the teacher the mostcommon instructional materials used are the chalkboard, handouts, books, andwhiteboard. Teacher used these instructional materials because itsinexpensiveness and it is economical and reusable. When we observed a class, that time, the students are reporting about thetopic that the teacher assigned to them. The difficulty I observed in the teachershe can’t handle the attitude of the students. Some of the students are talkingand got bored in the report because the reporters does not explain their reportthey always read without analyzing the assigned topic. To manage this, teachershould tell the students to give a copy about their report to their classmates sothat they will listen to the reports. The learning resource/materials are used effectively because studentslearning become more interactive through applying accepted learning theory. Thereis an interaction between students and teacher which can enhance the student’sparticipation or cooperationRoxanne R. dela Cruz The teacher might think that the materials she used might attract and willstand as a reminder to the students who see it. It could be a resourceful tool tostudent to master such learning objects. The difficulties of a teacher would be the strategy they’ll make if they aregoing to present pictures or illustrations to make it more clear and can easilyunderstood.The materials were effective more some reasons but not enough for this newgeneration because the school has poor learning materials it might cause studentsto be NOT more competent and well-prepared in the future. Reflection
  6. 6. Charlene Atig As a future MAPEH teacher someday, I will first have my self-evaluation forthe improvement of learning. I used aids that create and contain well organizedTeaching aid materials. In my case, I should prefer to use slide presentationbecause I think this aid present an applicable future understanding about theneeds of the learners and can really enhance instruction. And at the end of the activity, students can gain competence in developingand utilizing materials (slide presentation) which involve students in meaningfullearning. At this point student show interest to the lesson being presented.EllvinePiaBonocan Being a teacher is not that easy in fact it’s enjoyable dealing or teachingdifferent type of students. If I put myself in the place of the teacher where wehad our observation, the thing that I would do similarly is to give student’s reportsso that they can practice facing people or the class and to help them develop theircommunication skills and to build self-confidence through reporting. The thing that I will do differently is to change the teaching strategy thatwas used by the teacher. If I will become a teacher soon, I want to make thestudents or class lively in a way that the students won’t get bored in the classbecause that is the only or reason why students don’twant to listen to the reportsor discussions. So, to minimize this, you as a teacher, you must find ways toentertain student’s interests, you should have a sense of humor so that they’ll notget bored sitting and listening to the report or discussion. You must be patient enough to find ways or strategies that will be suit tostudent’s interest to make your discussion more interactive and at the same timeeffective. So, to awaken them, you must tell your students to make their reportsusing a power point presentation because nowadays this is commonly used insteadof using visual aids. They should learn how to use a power point presentation inreporting not to give their financial problem but to help them discover the use oftechnology nowadays because in this generation it’s really needed and useful.Annie Rose Calumpang
  7. 7. If I were on the part of the teacher, the teaching skills that I would similarto her teaching strategies are the way I incorporate the instructional materialsinto a lessons like giving handouts to the students about the topic and the way Iapplied my teaching strategies to encouraged students to be active and alertduring the learning process like asking question to the students about the topic,then each of the students should have an answered to that questioned, so that,there is an interaction between the teacher and the students to make learningprocess became more interesting. Then the different strategy that I would do to make students motivate wellin the learning process before I discussed the lessons to the students, a number ofquestioned about the topic can served from the students to arouse their interestand focus their attention to the topic. As a whole, learning is meaningful when it isconnected to the student’s everyday life. A good teaching enhanced students tointeract in different classroom activities to make teaching learning possible.Roxanne dela Cruz As a student in the field of arts I’m going to make things clear and try mybest to do more original illustration. I’ll motivate my students to learn more thanjust the content on the objects they see. Student-centered will be my primaryobjective.