SZMKIKIFT-Comenius Project


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Different Cultures,Common Dreams Project 2012-2014

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SZMKIKIFT-Comenius Project

  1. 1. Szigetbecse-Makád Közös IgazgatásúKözoktatási Intézményi Fenntartó Társulás Óvodája és Általános Iskolája SZIGETBECSE
  2. 2. Szigetbecse is located on thesouth part of Csepel-island,next to the dead channel ofthe Ráckevei-(Soroksári)Danube , 48 km from thecapital city of Hungary.There live 1381 people. Communal crest
  3. 3. Szigetbecse is pride of o Memorial of André Kertész o Lifetree o Lake by the Balassi square o Catholic church o Nepomuki Szent János statue o German national houses o Village museum o Petőfi Sándor community centre o Szent Vendel statue o Cemetery o Dead channel and its neighborhood o Lakeside Kindergarten o German Nationality Elementary School
  4. 4. Memorial house of André KertészAndré Kertész was a photographer, who spend his childhood speciallythe summers in Szigetbecse. The memorial house opened on the30.05.1987. The photographer donated 120 signaled pictures.
  5. 5. Lifetree and the Lake by the Balassai square The village won in 2006 the „Cultivated settlements milieu” I. price in the shire. That was the reason, why we made Lifetree in Szigetbecse. You can read every names of children on little slabs, who was born after 2000. The recovery of the lake was finished in 2005. This embellished square is the scene of the village day in the summer, and we can skate on it in the winter.
  6. 6. Catholic church Our church was built between 1800-1803 with the support of Maria Christians husbands – prince Albert -. The most people in Szigetbecse are catholic.János Saint Nepomuki was the patronsaint of water, thats why we set up thebaroque statue again next to the deadchannel in 1993.
  7. 7. German houses The houses whit beautiful verandah and iron fences from the ages 1800-1900 are gem our village.In this street celebrate we the egg runon Easter Sunday, which is our livingtradition.
  8. 8. Village museum and Petőfi Sándor community centreThe Village house was opened in 2011. There you can seeobjects, pictures and documents from the past of Szigetbecse. In the community centre you can take part on many events for example: shows, pensioner club, chorus in action, balls…
  9. 9. Saint Vendel statue, and Cemetary Right at the start of the Akácfa street, you can find the Saint Vendel statue, who is the patron saint of animals. Till 1863 there were many ranges, and the owner drive the beefs to graze.The well-kept graves shows the honor our beloved relation.
  10. 10. Sights of the dead channel It is in every season beautiful.
  11. 11. Lakeside KindergartenThree groups are in two building of the Kindergarten, which are 300 m far from each other. Children’s day Walking on the path
  12. 12. German nationaly school in Szigetbecse
  13. 13. Old part The old part of the school was built in 1973 with then pupils. Until the building of the new part , the old one was renovated, that is why it seems like a new one. New partWith the subsidy of the EuropeanUnion and Hungarian State was theschool extensions completed in2008.
  14. 14.  In our school there are 8 classes, 3 day care groups and 1 schoolroom group. The member of pupils are 191. The pupils learn the Hungarian and the German language , mats and informatics in little groups.
  15. 15. School staff Headmaster: 1 person Educators: 17 persons Director of admissions: 1 persons Staff of marketing Office: 2 persons Kitchen workers: 2 persons Housekeepers : 4 persons Gardener, stoker: 1 person
  16. 16.  The building is surrounded by large yard.
  17. 17. The little pupils likes the play Castle, which they use after the lessons.The older plays rather football.
  18. 18.  Eight classrooms,  gym,  language lab, computer science room…
  19. 19. You can find this modern language lab in the new part of the school. 20 pupils can learn there in the same time. More pupils won prices in different languages contest.
  20. 20. Chooseable science projects •Talent development occasions in mats, Hungarian and German language •Volleyball, Football, Karate •Craft work •Chess •Pupils Sport •Swimming lessons
  21. 21. .32 pupils can eat there in the same time.
  22. 22. Lots of pupils are coming by bicycle to school.In the gym we take repertoires,events, like:•Lanterns procession on Martin day• historical memorial events•Advent•Christmas•Carnival•Graduation•Opening convocation, speeches
  23. 23. Who would you be able to… Pupils can shows, what they particularly can do CarnivalThe 8. grade students open thefestival with dance.
  24. 24. Our school inside We have a plenty of plants.
  25. 25. Our school took part in two Comenius projects. We enjoyd them
  26. 26. We await everybody to come to know our school closer.