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11 newsletter 29 11-2012


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11 newsletter 29 11-2012

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 29 November 2012 Issue 11Dear Parents,Dates for your DiaryTuesday 4 December - Year 4 Dubai TripWednesday 5 December - Year 4 Dubai TripWednesday 5 December - FS2 PerformanceThursday 6 December - Year 3 Ancient Egyptian DaySaturday 8 December - Festive FayreSunday 9 December - Primary Open House 8am-9.30amMonday 10 December - Al Yasmina Festive ConcertFrom The Music DepartmentWe have three clever Musicians of the Week this week: Omar Khalid Nazhat(Key Stage1) and Amelia Pearson and Zaina Al Humiri (Key Stage 2). Khalidsang London‟s Burning beautifully by himself, and played it on thexylophone without a single mistake. He then showed real kindness byhelping his friend to learn it. Amelia and Zaina wrote a super verse for ourclass rap, and performed it with great style and confidence. Well done toall of you!The cast of The Wiz had a special visitor at this week‟s rehearsal when MrGale called in to listen to them sing. He loved it and left with a big smile onhis face! Well done to the children who made it through the auditionsto get solo roles – we know they‟re going to be brilliant!We have several dates for your diary:Thursday 29 November –Monthly Music Recital at 2.45 in the RecitalRoom.**Saturday 8 December - Festive Fayre. The following primary groupswill be performing at the following times:11.20 Junior Choir11.40 Intermediate Choir12.00 Flute Choir12.40 Brass Ensemble**Monday 10 December, 6pm - Al Yasmina Festive Concert 1
  2. 2. **If you haven‟t yet done so, and your child is involved in the above groups, please stating child‟s name, group, and whether they are able to attend theabove 2 events. Many thanks.Ideas for Christmas shopping. Geoff Sinker, the guitar teacher informed the school that MusiciansWarehouse in Dubai (just behind Times Square Mall) has a sale on Guitars, Bass Guitars and amplifiersof 41% discount to mark National Day weekend. That is an amazing discount!! The sale is Friday,Saturday and Sunday.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)Festive FayreCake StallThe Festive Fayre is only one week away, and the Cake Stall needs your help.We will be selling cakes & biscuits on the day, but we need parents & studentsto help us by donating cakes & biscuits that we can sell.We will be collecting cakes on Saturday 8th December from 9.30am, andalso on Friday at the school from 10am-12pm.Any queries please contact Sam Goodwin on 2
  3. 3. Candy jar competition winners The winners of the Candy Jar Competition were announced today. Luca Aveta (FS2 Orange) won the boy‟s entry and Maria Arce Zepeda (FS1 Blue),won the girl‟s entry. Well done!From the School Nurse All donations from Pink Day (breast cancer awareness) were collected and presented to the Red Crescent, who will use the funds to aid those affected by breast cancer and are unable to pay for their treatment. The total amount raised was 14,500 Dhs.From the LibraryBookworm FairWOW! What a great Bookworm Book Fair we had once again. There was a wide range of booksavailable to buy making the decision of which one to choose rather difficult. The most popular book“Dairy of a Wimpy Kid – The third Wheel” sold out within 2 days and the Bookworm Staff exhausted alltheir stock and even had to bring some in from the Dubai shop to meet demand! Thank you to allthe children and parents who supported the book fair and Primary Library was able to choose 200free books to put in the Library for all to enjoy. 3
  4. 4. From the Arabic DepartmentYear 4 NON- NATIVE have designed greeting cards to Sheikh Khalifa and the people of theUAE. They were really excited and happy.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)This week we have really enjoyed learning about the theme, „Food from theUAE‟. It has been a great experience for the children to learn more about thelocal culture and customs; it has been the perfect build up to our National Daycelebrations. We have been greedily tasting local foods and talking about theiringredients, as well as making flags and other decorations ready for our bigcelebration, National Day. It has been exciting for us to learn about NationalDay and take part in the celebrations.We have continued to enjoy many generous samples of foods from yourfamily‟s home countries, and we want to say a huge thank you to all of you whohave made such an amazing effort to support the children in their learningabout „Food around the World‟. It has been a wonderful experience for them.Next week, we are going to continue with this week‟s theme, as well as sharingour news on how we have celebrated National Day. We will also beconsolidating our learning in Mathematics by counting with 1 to 1correspondence along with continuing correct letter formation when writing ournames.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Ishva Siva, Lucas Chang, Benjamin Sperbel , Layal Sherif, Jessie Hutcheson, Lexi Evans 4
  5. 5. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)WOW!! What a busy week we have had in FS2. We have been to China and Japan! We began bycomparing the landscape of China to the UAE, we then created our own collages showing what itwould look like if we merged China with Abu Dhabi! The children had lots of interesting ideas andenjoyed being creative. We also made lanterns, dragons and tasty healthy Asian treats. FS2enjoyed reading Asian and dragon themed books which were kindly brought in by some of thechildren. In our number work we have started to look at time. We carried out an investigation aboutwhat we could do in a minute. Have you ever thought “how many times can I hop in a minute?”See if you can do more than the very fit children in FS2. Please let your child time you too.Next week we are going to be learning about the UAE so please take lots of photographs of yourNational Day celebrations. You could help at home by• taking photographs of celebrations you see taking place• discuss what your favourite UAE experience has been so farPhonics FocusRevision of Phase 3 diagraphs – ng, th, sh, chRevision of Phase 3 tricky words – she, he, all, was, with, then, themHelpful websites –Phase 3 tricky words – activity - – our FS2 performance is on the 5th December. Be prepared to be amazed!!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekAarib Zaidi - Purple class, Zayed Al Hammadi – Ruby Class, Salma Sari – Amber Class, Karin Bedrozov –Orange Class (who was away when the photos were taken. He‟ll appear next week!), Zainab Ali –Jade class 5
  6. 6. Year 1Year 1 have proven themselves to be rather fabulous writers and illustrators. Each class have beenwriting their own stories and forming some super questions with cool illustrations! Ask your childrenwhat they have written and illustrated this week.Our mathematicians have been working their number magic and you could see the smoke comingout of their ears as they have worked hard to conquer subtracting with number lines and numbersquares.Building up to National Day too has been fun: UAE paper chains, National Daycards, patterned carpets for Bedouin tents and a Beauty Contest for our 3D camelsto be judged on Thursday! That‟s not to mention the dancing and very tunefulsinging of the National Anthem. On Thursday we will parade around our shared area to show off our fabulous clothes and camels! Remember it is non-uniform! Please wear traditional dress or clothes in the UAE colours. Next week is busy! We will be continuing to explore HUMPH the camel story and write a recount of his adventures. Having read a lovely book this week called One Rainy Day , we will be exploring which material is best for an umbrella as our science investigation next week. In Numeracy, we will be securing ournumber bonds to 10 and 20 and making quite sure we can countforwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s!A fun website is: Heritage trip on Tuesday 11th December is coming up soon, and we urge you to get your consentforms in by 4th December please, otherwise your child is unable to come! 6
  7. 7. PE for Sparrows is on a WEDNESDAY at 9am so your children need to come in theschool uniform please and change in school. Please do not send your children in theirkits.Homework due date is MONDAY. Please ensure your children bring their kits.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Aahna Syed (Larks), Marc Ghaly (Doves), Kareem Safareeni (Sparrows), Khaled Barabbaa (Cuckoos)and Isobel Woodrow (Robins)Year 2LONDON‟S BURNING!This week Year 2 pupils were eyewitnesses at The Great Fire ofLondon!On a sunny Tuesday morning, we travelled back in time using ourtime machine to 1666 where we saw the Great Fire of Londontaking place before our eyes! It was a dry day with a strong windand the houses were so close that the fire spread quickly…“Terrifying” said Arantza. “So sad” said Maryam.Now we really know how the people in 1666 felt. We used all ouremotions that we felt to write about the catastrophic event.We have taken on the role of Time Travelling Journalists! We arelooking for scoops, writing factual pieces, interviewing anddeciding on catchy headlines all to let people know about TheGreat Fire of London. They will be coming soon……hot off thepress!In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge ofmultiplication using arrays to help us solve word problems. Wehave also been learning songs to help us with our Times Tables!In science we have been investigating materials. We madepredictions about whether they would bend, twist or stretch andthen we discovered if we were right…..plastic definitely does not stretch!Next week we will be moving onto our mini topic of dragons, we will be thinking about their featuresand characteristics and then designing our own!PLEASE CAN WE HAVE ANY JUNK MODELLING MATERIAL! Particularly shoe boxes!!!We hope you all enjoy celebrating the UAE‟s 41st National Day! 7
  8. 8. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Grace Smith – Spoonbills, Suha Kaddoura – Sandpipers, Breeana Deruba – Storks, Khalfan Al Hinai –Herons, Abdulla Al Thabahi - FlamingosYear 3The children have been reading, following and writing instructions, building on what they alreadyknow and learning that „bossy verbs‟ are also called „imperative verbs‟. After discussing the featuresand layout of instructions, the children had fun reading and following instructions how to play agame from Ghana called Achi, and how to play an old game called Nine Men‟s Morris. Ask them totell you about the games and explain how to play. Next week, we will continue to write instructionsand will edit and improve our work further. In Maths, we have been exploring fractions. We havebeen using real life contexts to describe and find fractions of numbers and objects, and have beenlearning how to find different fractions of a number. We will continue to build on our knowledge andskills next week. In Science, we are beginning to observe our class plant experiments and we arethinking about drawing conclusions. The children have had some brilliant ideas about testing theeffects of temperature, sunlight, soil and water. If you find time to do another experiment at home,do tell us about it. In Topic this week, we have been comparing Modern Egypt to Ancient Egypt, andhave been discussing the advantages and dis-advantages of the Aswan Dam. The children werefascinated by Abu Simnel and how the experts came to the decision of moving the temple.We would like to wish everybody a happy National Day! We hope you have fun and take part in thecelebrations around the Emirates.Reminder: 6th December: Egyptian day. Start thinking about what or who you will be.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekDana Talal Khouri (Cormorants), Alex Crouchman (Buntings), Max Jones(Curlews), Harry Young (Terns)and Numan Kurkcu (Ravens). 8
  9. 9. Year 4Last Thursday, the children in Year 4 were lucky to havewelcomed another guest speaker. Mrs. Curtain, a parent ofYear 4 Warblers class, came into school to share herexperiences as a real life news reporter. All of the childrenwere fascinated to learn about the highs and the challengesthat face any news reporter around the world. Mrs. Curtainshowed the children news reels, pictures, videos and clipswhich helped them to understand the features of a newsreport.After the talk, the children were very keen to produce their own newsreels in the style of those seen and using the props Mrs. Curtain hadleft in school for us to borrow. Using our topic, architecturally sound asa stimulus, the children created their own dramatic reports based onan event affecting a famous building from around the world. Have alook at some of the photographs of the children‟s their storyboardplans and then them in mid action!Coming UpAll of the Year 4 team are waiting in anticipation for their educational visit to Dubai next week! Thechildren have been told what to expect and what to bring for their trip day by their class teacher.Please could you ensure that your child is in full school uniform, brings a picnic lunch to eat in SafaPark, a hat, a water bottle and a healthy snack for after their trip up to the observational deck of theBurj Khalif.The children will not need any money and electronic equipment of any kind is not necessary. Pleasenote, children may bring a camera with them if they wish, but the staff can take no responsibility forthese and recommend that only disposable ones are used. We would like to thank all of the parentsfor offers of help and would like to thank the parents in advance who are attending the trip.Year 4 Trip to DubaiWagtails, Sandgrouse and half of Wheatears: Tuesday 4 December 2012, arrival to school at 7.00 amWarblers, Pipits and half of Wheatears: Wednesday 5th December 2012, arrival to school at 7.00 amYear 4 Guest SpeakerMr Tim Kelly, Architect: Thursday 6th December 2012 9
  10. 10. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week From left to right: Jessica Priest (Sandgrouse), Elliot Jones (Warblers), Niamh Hickey (Wheatears), Moodi Rashed (Pipits), Yasmin Gabi (Wagtails)Year 5It‟s been an action-packed week in Year 5 again this week, with our F1 topic inspiring some creativethinking. We have been finishing off the mood boards for our F1 car designs and researching aboutone of the 20 F1 tracks, finding out about the layout, the lengthof the track, exciting facts about races that taken place there. Compiling our mood boardsCan you name the location of all the F1 tracks around theWorld? Ask a Year 5 child for help if you get stuck!Next week we shall be holding an F1 intensive week where wewill be working in teams to design and create our own F1teams. We will be incorporating all aspects that are requiredto run a successful team. I‟m sure the highlight for most teamswill be the designing and making of their own Formula 1 car.In Literacy, the children have been creating instructions forknown board games. The next step will be to design and make their own board games based on lifein the UAE. I wonder which hotels will appear on the Monopoly board!!Maths lessons have focused on developing the understanding of Fractions this week. Often a topicthat children fear, it has been fabulous to see the smiles on their faces when they realized they canfind equivalent fractions, fractions of quantities and change improper fractions to mixed numbersand vice versa.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Findlay Smith (Parakeets), Isabella Palmer (Mynahs), Mohamed Al Hammadi (Nightjars), Mariam Al Magboul (Sunbirds) and Bareera Zakir (Swallows) 10
  11. 11. Year 6This week has been extremely busy for Year 6 as we have been working hard to get preparationsdone for our chocolate making day. We‟ve been busy making and decorating the packaging forour boxes or bags of chocolates, designing brand names and logos as well as the list of ingredients togo on the packaging too. It‟s a big push now, but it will all be ready to sell to primary children on 12 thDecember.For Literacy this week we have been split into reading groups. Each group has taken a different bookto read and explore through our lessons and homework. Across the year group we have beenenjoying „Hole‟ by Louis Sachar, „Stig of the Dump‟ by Clive King, „Stormbreaker‟ by AnthonyHorowitz, „The Butterfly Lion‟ by Michael Morpurgo and „There‟s a Boy in the Girls‟ Bathroom‟ also byLouis Sachar. Everyone has really enjoyed the opportunity to work with other children from the yeargroup.In Numeracy we have been focusing on using our skills as maths investigators to solve problems.We‟ve been using lots of „trial and improvement‟ as well as more systematic methods to help us findthe answers and have been working hard to explain our findings using mathematical vocabulary.After the National Day holidays, we have another busy week with our trip to Parti Perfect andCarrefour where we will be learning how chocolates are made and researching how shops advertiseproducts (please make sure all consent forms and payments have been returned to school for thistrip). We will also be starting our chocolate making in school; the children will be coming home withtheir list of ingredients soon, they will need to buy their ingredients and bring them into school forDecember 5th. Remember to keep the receipt as this will be needed to help determine how muchprofit the children have made and so that parents can be reimbursed for the ingredients bought!Well done to our stars of the week this week! Bruce Donald (Eagles), Alex Darling (Falcons), Jade-Anne McClean (Kestrels), Aine Griffiths (Ospreys) and Punita Sukpool (Owls). 11