Proyecto de ingles


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se trata sobre lo que los estudiantes del 12 B° hemos aprendido en este primer trimestre

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Proyecto de ingles

  1. 1. ProyectoIntegrantes : Lourdes de leónMarlín RomeroHéctor Almanza
  2. 2.  Bilabial: the lower and upper lip touch eachother (Μ) Labiodental: the lower lip touches the upper tuth(V) Dental: the lip of the tonguer touches the upperteeth(Ɵ)(ʆ) Interdental: the blades of the tonguer cantouch the lower and upper teeth.(S)(Z). Rétoflex: the tonguer tip is curled backward in the mouth( ) Glottal: the glottis is the opening betwingthe vocal folds(H)
  3. 3. Velar: the tonguer body approches the softpalate.(K)(G)Ejemplos:(Ɵ): think, thank. Nothing, something, earth,health,both(ʆ ): that, with ,month(S):seldon , office, city, face, house , see,(Z): zone, lazy, was,eazy, zoo, zero.(ᶴ):shop,mention,she,shoulder,ocean,delicius,wash,push,dish,cash.(tᶴ):child,atventure,natural,pictures,teach,cheap,choose,choice.(d3):joy,magic,enjoy,edge,damage,subject,gene
  4. 4. (i):in me,people,eat,weeazy,evenig(I):kill,sit,fill,is,ink,if,in,his(ǽ):cat,candy,angry,land,ask(a):army,father,artistic,arm,art,are,far,garten(aI):dry,eye,time,nigth,like,do,pie.(au):Caw,house,faund,down,how,around.(0):old,ocen,open,cold,low,go.(Ɔ):long,all,almost,walk,small,,always.(ƆI):oil,boil,coin,point,voice,choice.W):putting the lips aroinded,(walter,wolk)
  5. 5. Greetingswhen meeting someane formally forthe first time we shake their hand say“how do you do”“please to meet you”how do you is not really a questions itsjust meanshellowhen young people meetb informallythey sometimes say give mine and thyslap their hands togilha generally.wedo not shake with people we know will.
  6. 6. Introducing responding onYourselfl introductionHow do you do plased toMy name is meet youGood byeIn was a pleasure to have meet youBye it was nice to meet you .Futura greetingit´s niceto see you againIt´s was nice to see you again
  7. 7. Greetings informal Hi-hola Hi so Long not see-hola tiempo sin verte. What up-que tal, que sopa Up daddy – que sopa my friend. Same o same –lo mismo de siempre Whats coking –que hay Yust keping my way-aquí palante My pleasure-un placer Ok , good or terrifir
  8. 8. Greetings formal Good mornig –afternoon-enining-nigth How are you –como estas How have your been See you-nos vemos See you buddy –hasta luego Just keping my way-aquí pa lante Bye - adios See you son- See you later See you tomorow Thank you
  9. 9.  Poder ( may can) hability (migth could) posibility Example: Can i help you? May i help you?
  10. 10. conversation Hello Hi What is you name May name is lourdes Nice to meet you Nice to meet yo to How are you Fine thank you good
  11. 11.  How do you from i from panama Do you like english Yes May i help you with the homework Yes i may Ok see you bye
  12. 12. vocabulary Doctor:doctor Dentist: dentista Ophtalmologist: oftalmologo Nurse: enfermera Principal: director Teachers: maestra Profesor: profesor Fireman: bombero Pliceman:policia
  13. 13.  Electrician: electrisista Architect: arquitecto Bus driver: conducor de bus Enginerr: ingeniero Taxi driver: conductor de taxi Waiter: camarero Waitress: camarera Cook chef: jefe de cosina Hair dresser: peluquero Builder: constructor Plumber: fontanero
  14. 14. Secretary: secretariasecurity guard: guardia de seguridadveterinarion: veterinariofarmer: granjerocashier: cajerocarpinter: carpinteropilot: pilotdancer: bailarinabarber: barbero
  15. 15. Job title (employer) have you worked as amachine before? (appleant) i have changed tires , i havefalled with air and , i have repairsedfaltires Previus expeienceRepair brakesClean radiators
  16. 16. interviewer Goog mornig Good mornig What is your name? My name is lorena escobar Have finish high scool? Yes i have finish high scool in torti Why are you applying for this job? Because is a great opportunity for me Have you ever worked as a dancer before? Yes , i have worked as a dancer before
  17. 17.  Oh really how long?It was the three month before Is there anything ilse you would like to tellme about yourself?I took course of lenguaje , of dancer ,three months before.