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Indeutsch Industries is a Private Label Manufacturer of premium quality artist brushes and primed artist canvas. The leading Indian business house dealing in high quality artist and cosmetic brushes

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Ibe group 6

  1. 1. Indeutsch Industries Pvt Ltd Efforts By: Group 6 Rohit Kumar Jaitly (92) Sulagna Dutta (93) Mohit Arora (97) Praveen Kumar (99) Monika Bansal (119)
  2. 2.  Indeutsch Industries is a Private Label Manufacturer of premium quality artist brushes and primed artist canvas. The leading Indian business house dealing in high quality artist and cosmetic brushes  Came into existence in late 1980s..  Import from China, Taiwan, Malaysia  Export to China, France, Germany  Revenue in previous quarter was 17 Cr. Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial2 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  3. 3. Import Export Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial3 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  4. 4. Chairman Managing Director General Manager President President (canvas) (Brush) Accounts & Materials Logistics Accounts Materials Logistics Finance Production Production Manager & HR & Finance Manager & HR Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial4 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  5. 5. Production Department of Canvas division  As canvas division is equipped with various semi-automatic machines  Canvas division is spread over large area i.e. Three times more than brush division  Contributing more than 50% to the business Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial5 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  6. 6. Product Canvas Panel Canvas Pad Stretched Canvas Canvas Roll Canvas Roll Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial6 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  7. 7. Manufacturing process of Canvas wooden frame (1/2) Plaining of raw Cutting of wood in Plaining wood to remove inequality small sizes Cutting Shaping of Sizing wood in Checking the different sizes like 4*4 patterns Molding Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial7 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  8. 8. Manufacturing process of Canvas wooden frame (2/2) Dispatch Inspection Frame Making Stapling Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial8 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  9. 9. Process of Making Canvas roll (1/2) Coating Rolling • A liquid coating •Fabric is heated twice in two different which involves lot of chemicals • Coating of jaso temperature set so that fabric absorbs • Rolling of according to to make fabric customer demand, liquid coating fabric thick min 1 coating and max can be 3 Jaso making Heating Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial9 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  10. 10. Process of Making Canvas roll (2/2) Stretching and repairing of canvas roll Cutting and Mending Sizing Pressing Packing Pressing of canvas roll to make it soft Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial10 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  11. 11. Process of making Stretched Canvas( both cotton & linen)(1/2) Shrink the canvas board with shrink film rolls to make it tight Pasting of canvas roll on Stapling labelling Shrinking Heat sink canvas panel Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial11 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  12. 12. Process of making Stretched Canvas( both cotton & linen)(2/2) Inspection & testing Packing FG Godown Material Room Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial12 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  13. 13. Is process efficient...  Process is efficient for current level of production  Better control due to low scale of production  Easy availability of labour  Low expenditure on transportation and warehousing Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial13 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  14. 14. Inefficiencies...  Infrastructure development is required at various places  Better placement of machines  Move from semi automatic to automatic  Movement of goods from one place to another is time consuming  Scrap cost has increased from 4% to 5.50% in last quarter Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial14 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  15. 15. Role of each Department • Getting raw material like pine woods from Material Gandhi Dham fabric from Gujarat, paints & chemicals from local suppliers on time Department • Providing necessary funds to materials Accounts/Finance department in getting all raw materials on time in order to meet increasing demand Department from last financial year • Recruiting right kind of workers and getting Logistics & HR contractual workers for performing right kind of jobs according to demand and ensuring custom Department check before dispatching of orders and hire agency for shipment. Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial15 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  16. 16. Recommendations  Automatic operations  Machines in Chronological order  Effective use of available space  Reduce Scrap in order to increase efficiency  Improve Infrastructure Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial16 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  17. 17. Contact Details Indeutsch industries private limited SDF E-7&8 NOIDA SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE NOIDA (U.P.)-201305 INDIA www.indeustsch.com Sanjiv Kr. Tyagi ( Asst. General Manager ,Finance)17 Ph:+91 120 405 5800 Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial 12/12/2012 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES E –mail: sanjiv.tyagi@indeutsch.org
  18. 18.  Anil Sharma ( Sr. Manager Production (canvas Division)) Mob: 9868372081 E-mail : aks@indeutsch.org  R.K.Singh ( Manager-Materials) Mob: 9868254838 E-Mail: rk.singh@indeutsch.org / rk_singh66@yahoo.com Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial18 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  19. 19. Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial19 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012
  20. 20. Group 6_Section B_IBE Industrial20 Report_INDEUTSCH INDUSTRIES 12/12/2012