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pfSense, OpenSource Firewall


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pfSense Firewall

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pfSense, OpenSource Firewall

  1. 1. A PROVEN OPEN SOURCE FIREWALL OpenSource víkend Bratislava, 8.-9. marec 2014
  2. 2. ! Erik Kirschner founder & co-owner Rackscale ! +421 908 707 197 ! ! @ErikKirschner
  3. 3. pfSense Why
  4. 4. pfSense, Why Odhalená sieť 300 tisíc kompromitovaných domácich routerov Linksys, D-Link, Micronet, Tenda, TP-Link Zmena DNS zaznamu
  5. 5. pfSense Introduction based OpenSource distribution Founded in 2004, now in 2.1 version
 Powerful and flexible firewalling and routing platform 
 Multiple platforms
 Live CD
 Nanobsd embedded VGA or Serial Console

  6. 6. pfSense Applications Firewall, (incl. HA, CARP) SOHO Router (with 3G backup link) WAN Router (with 3G backup link) Wireless Access Point/Captive Portal VPN Appliance (OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, PPTP) 3rd party Packages (VoIP, Sniffers, Proxy,….)
  7. 7. pfSense Hardware pfSense 2.1 is based on FreeBSD 8.3
 Hardware Compatibility List General Requirements:
 CPU Intel Pentium II Processor
 256 MB RAM 6-8 Mbps minimum requirements
 10-20 Mbps no less than 266 MHz CPU
 21-50 Mbps no less than 500 MHz CPU
 51-200 Mbps no less than 1.0 GHz CPU
 201-500 Mbps no less than 2.0 GHz CPU, PCI-X or PCI-e
 501+ Mbps no less than 3.0 GHz, PCI-X or PCI-e
  8. 8. pfSense Hardware
  9. 9. pfSense Features OpenBSD pf Firewall
 Stateful Firewall
 Traffic Shaper High Availability (CARP) Load Balancing
 Outbound, multiple WAN connections
 Inbound, to distribute load between multiple servers Virtual Private Network (VPN)
 Remote Access, LAN-to-LAN, IPSec, SSL VPN, PKI Reporting and Monitoring
 RRD Graphs, Real Time Information Dynamic DNS Captive Portal
  10. 10. pfSense Features DHCP Server and Relay Web and CLI User Interface Package Management Update & Configuration Management
 Config History
 Backup/Restore (XML) User Management
 Local Database
 Radius Cert Manager And More,…..
  11. 11. pfSense Screenshots
  12. 12. pfSense Screenshots
  13. 13. pfSense Screenshots
  14. 14. pfSense Screenshots
  15. 15. pfSense Resources Online (FAQs, How-Tos, Tutorials,..) 
 pfSense: The Definitive Guide Version 2.1

  16. 16. pfSense, Where Buy Hardware: akýkoľvek Software: ! Hotové riešenia (appliancies):
  17. 17. Questions? ! Erik Kirschner
 +421 908 707 197