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Monaca and Onsen UI: Powerful Hybrid App Development & Framework


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My talk used in PhoneGap Day 2016.

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Monaca and Onsen UI: Powerful Hybrid App Development & Framework

  1. 1. Monaca & Onsen UI MASA TANAKA FOUNDER & CEO
  2. 2. Monaca and Onsen UI is a UI framework for Hybrid & Web Apps. Completely open-source. is a dev tool suite for Cordova. Cloud-powered, starting from $0/mo.
  3. 3. Onsen UI 2.0  of JavaScript frameworks.  Supports Angular 1, Angular 2, jQuery, React, Vue.js, Knockout.js…  Written in pure ES6. Definitely-typed with TypeScript.  Over 50 components, with both Material and flat design. jQuery Angular 1.x Angular 2 React Completely independent Visit us @
  4. 4. Everything Pure JS & Web Components
  5. 5. Flexible Development Environment Browser-based IDE Visual Studio Extension Desktop App (Mac and Windows) Command-Line
  6. 6. Monaca Debugger Instant live-reload with Advanced debugging capabilities.
  7. 7. DEMO • Onsen UI Material Design App • Continuous Integration via GitHub • Debugging • Cloud IDE • Cordova Quest
  8. 8. Monaca Develop Test Build Deploy Backend Cloud IDE Desktop CLI Visual Studio Debugger for Android Debugger for iOS iOS Android Windows 10 Chrome Apps App Store Google Play In-App Update Enterprise Build Push Notifications User Management Cloud Database
  9. 9. Visit our Website: Thank you! Twitter: @massie E-mail: Masa Tanaka Founder & CEO, Monaca